Ally Bonday

Virtual learning has really caused problems for so many students since COVID. Students are losing their motivation with homework because of online learning.

Op Ed: The Difficult Challenges with Virtual Learning

Virtual learning has definitely taken over with COVID-19 being present this last year. Much has happened since COVID-19 came around. Something that happened is the amount of kids failing or struggling in classes. has said that between about 20-70% of students have failed classes between 2019 and 2020. With a big number of students failing there has also been a lot of students’ having a lot of missing work which is part of the reason why kids are failing classes. Online learning has made students’ motivation in school drop a lot. This caused the missing work and failing classes.

Five day school weeks, and set homework schedules were once the student standard. Also having the normal schedule of homework that is given. Now with COVID-19 present, it has caused all schools to continue in an online world for months. Many students have agreed that school is more of a struggle with online being a new norm.

Rodrigo Ordonez-Enriquez, a Junior at Silver Creek has agreed with a lot of the struggles that have been going on the last year. He mentioned how “online classes have made it harder for students to learn and understand the subject matter they are being taught.” This has been true for many students because teachers have mentioned studying after school to help those students.

With the lack of actual school the last year, it has made it a struggle for teachers as well as students. This has caused it to become harder for both students and teachers to get used to this virtual land. With that there seems to have not been many benefits to online learning for students or teachers. Marissa Bonday, a sophomore at Silver Creek High School, doesn’t think there were many benefits. “I don’t think there’s many benefits[with online learning] then just not having to wake up as early as if you go into school.” However there were some students who opposed there not being benefits. Many students have agreed that one of the good things was not having to be up at the crack of dawn. Others said it was “being able to lay in bed all day.” Lately it’s shown that online has caused some problems with students.

With online as well as COVID-19 and all the chaos that has been going on, there has been a solution made. A good solution to help with this would be a system that involves even more help than already given can work. Also even having every few Fridays or every other Friday be a class to go over what they did that week in class so the students get help who are struggling a lot or need a brain refresher. This can provide that extra set of hands and even some more one on one help for the students that need it.

No one wants their children to struggle in school. It is supposed to be this learning environment with a fun school experience. No one can have that if we are not able to go to school can we? All we need is students to ask for that help and there can even be emails that have the teachers Webex links do that extra one on one help. The links will let everyone know times and days for extra help.

Students will be so much happier when they can get their grades up and show their parents that COVID-19 hasn’t beaten them at all. Yes, virtual learning has taken over since COVID-19, but we aren’t gonna let that affect anyone, we’re going to get these grades up and stay strong.

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