The Walk

Elena Rodriguez, Creative Writing Student

Five days a week,

Everyday I start with the walk

To the doors of knowledge, 

Even if it is short

I find bliss there,


All the feelings of ill I have 

Melt away,

As the sun peaks over the edifice

I begin my day,


The cold wind blows my hair,

My music playing,

The sight of the door opening

All brings pep to my step,


How can it be

That this 15 seconds

Brightens my day, prepares me and

Puts a smile on my face, 


Many could dread, despise, hate the walk,

But not me,

It’s the only way I can get here,

The cold morning air invigorates me,



The walk to knowledge 

The frigid walk 

The walk of the future

The 15 second walk 


That causes me

To smile