Just a Moment

Kylie Hallisey, Editor In Cheif

The sunrise makes the sky look as if it’s on fire

But the sunset also makes the sky look as if it’s on fire

The sunset turns into dusk

And from dusk to nighttime


When the nighttime turns into the sunrise

The sunrise makes the world beautiful for just a moment

The sunset also makes the world beautiful for a just moment

But nighttime is the most beautiful


The stars can be seen at nighttime

Sometimes, but very rarely, the stars can be seen during the day too

And when the moon rises and the sun sets

All sorts of beautiful creatures can be heard and seen


And when these creatures are heard and seen

It makes the world seem so peaceful

Peaceful for just a moment


As the stars glisten in the dark, black sky

They shine like diamonds in the dark

The evening brings a state of bliss and ignites a spark

A spark of light in the soul of the world


For the evening presents no opponents

The world takes solace in the dark

Knowing the light will shine again for just a moment