“Coco” Review: An Unforgettable Life Story

The movie is set in the world of the dead as well as the world of the living. An unforgettable story for a young boy named Miguel.


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The Coco movie so colorful and bright. So much happens in this movie for the main character Miguel. What can he do to help himself?

Coco is one of Pixar Animation’s movies that was released November 22, 2017. The movie is about a boy who owes his well being and actions to going into the world of people who have passed to try and help remember and help people remember one person that was almost forgotten. Often with Pixar there’s always a beginning, middle and end. The beginning is where you meet the characters, middle with the conflict, and end with the resolution and happy ending. It’s about the same in most movies and with this movie it was. Miguel (Anthony Gonzalez) the main character ends up in the world of the dead during the Día de los Muertos festival. With Miguel being in this afterlife world, he sees that it is very colorful and very different from the normal world as Pixar has made it. It’s set in a pretty decent time in Mexico. It’s a present day setting, but it’s set in part of a city with people who are more poor than wealthy.

The journey itself is a pretty dangerous one for Miguel. Miguel is considered a kid; he doesn’t really go by what his parents tell him to go by. He plays music and he’s not supposed to be playing music. He ends up in the land of the dead because of something he did. He got where he was because of himself. He stole Ernesto’s guitar at his grave. Being a human in the world of the dead made Miguel more lost than ever. Miguel has now got back to the land of the living by sunrise or he becomes part of the land of the dead. Miguel must get a blessing from one of his blood family members using an Aztec marigold puddle that undoes any curse but for him it’s a curse on the guitar that he had stolen.

“Coco” is set in a pretty modern time and isn’t anywhere far in the past or far in the future. In a way, it can be magical because the main character Miguel does go into the world of the dead and he just finds out a lot about being in that world. There’s things from bridges to get to the other side, to having a stand to be able to actually crossover with a ticket. Although Miguel does get a lot of health and crossing over from many different people he mainly gets help from a wealthy popular guy on the other side. His name is Ernesto de la Cruz (Benjamin Bratt). He is a singer who is very popular, but only because of his music that he stole and not because of him as a person or anything good he has done. Miguel is a 12-year-old boy who has put himself in this world where he knows nothing of it. Hector (Gael García Bernal) A man who was almost forgotten in the other world, seeks help from Miguel in hopes of not being forgotten.

“Coco” directed by Adrian Molina and Lee Unkrich from the fantasy of the dead world. The makers of the movie have faced a challenge, but have definitely had some fun making the amazing colorful world of the dead. As well as all the different characters and their own personalities. They tried to make a movie about The Day of The Dead to show people the holiday that is celebrated in parts of the world.

As with most Pixar movies, this movie played a long role for Miguel; he had to go through so much just to get out of the land of the dead. There were problems along the way, and Ernesto ended up becoming one of them. This in a way affected Miguel because he trusted Ernesto a lot and his trust was betrayed. Muguel did learn to trust people you truly know and know you can trust. Miguel definitely ended up also learning some important lessons along the way, like not to steal and that family and friends are very important and they should always be remembered. This was a big learning lesson for Miguel because he then realized as said before that he really needs to cherish who he has in his life and also not let people tell him what he can and can’t do.

The movie brings more of a happy end but also a somewhat scary feeling of what’s going to happen. You can tell that Miguel was definitely very nervous during the movie and Pixar with their animation definitely was very good with that. The film can be very sentimental and it shows a lot of character with these people. It definitely shows to be careful what you do because there can always be a consequence to it.

The movie is very interesting and is a good movie from Pixar. It’s a very enjoyable movie for families and young kids, which is nice because it means it’s basically for all audiences. It also came out in 2017 so it’s still a pretty new movie. This has also has opened up for Pixar to make even more animated movies in the future, and even maybe a Coco 2 if Pixar really wanted to.