Review of the Movie “How to Train Your Dragon”

The movie “How to Train Your Dragon” released on March 21, 2010, follows the journey of a young Norse boy who lives on an island called Berk.
The young boy, Hiccup (Jay Baruchel), was always a misfit for how small and his views on dragons. In the film Vikings kill all dragons as they are seen as a pest in the movie. They take livestock making feeding the clan a difficult task while also burning some of the houses down leaving some people homeless. Since Hiccup is the son of the chief of the clan everyone expected great things to come from him but when he tried to fit in he would make a bigger mess of things. One night when there was an attack on Berk by dragons Hiccup decided to catch one of the rarest dragons of all to prove his strength and that he has what it takes to be a viking. His plan fails and he is put into a dragon fighting school with five other teenagers to prove that he is a true viking while his father is away. The other students don’t treat Hiccup too well because he doesn’t fit in anywhere, the strongest teenager is Astrid (America Ferrera), she doesn’t like Hiccup at all, she feels that he isn’t fit to be in the school with them. Ruffnut (Kristen Wiig), Tuffnut (T.J. Miller), are the crazy twins that don’t think before they act and spend a lot of time fighting then getting in dangerous situations. Fishlegs (Christopher Mintz-Plasse) knows a lot about dragons but doesn’t really know how to defeat them. Snotlout (Jonah Hill) is cocky and smug, he thinks that he is the hero and that all the girls will fall for him.
Hiccup befriends the dragon he shot down and learns the ways of dragons as well as their gentle nature. with learning these new things Hiccup changes his whole view on dragons and changes his life. One day Astrid gets really suspicious of him and follows him where she finds Toothless. After a little bit of a fight Hiccup takes Astrid for a ride but it ends sour because Toothless is drawn to the dragon’s nest putting them all in danger.
The clan chief Stoick the Vast (Gerard Butler) grows tired of the constant dragon attacks, so he gathers everyone together to discuss going to the dragons’ nest to put an end to all of the dragons. Though the trip was a failure he comes home to Hiccup being the top student in fighting dragons, though he never actually killed one before, he is put through the final exam where he has to kill a dragon in front of the whole clan. Hiccup uses his methods to calm the dragon but doing so angers his father so Stoick makes loud noises to anger the beast putting Hiccup in grave danger making Toothless, the dragon that Hiccup shot down, come to his rescue ending in his getting taken captive.
Stoick learns that Toothless knows the way to the nest so he uses the helpless dragon as a compass. Hiccup feeling defeated, comes up with a plan to rescue his dragon and save his dad along with the clan.
This movie overall is a great movie with a lot of good reviews. It holds some comedy that the adults could enjoy as well as the littles. It holds a great message for kids, it’s okay to be different and to think differently than others.