Girls Soccer Update

COVID-19 and the Effects it has on the Girls 2021 Soccer Season

COVID-19 has struck a troubling blow for people around the world. At Silver Creek High School, it has changed so much for all the students and staff. Things such as normal school days have been taken away because of COVID-19. As well as sports teams, clubs, etc have all been taken because of the virus.

The girls Silver Creek High School soccer team has definitely noticed a big change in how the soccer season is going to play out. They do not start their soccer season until the end of April going into almost the summer time. Most of the girls have realized the difficulties of the season being so late and into the summer, but they are going to try their hardest to work with it. Last year’s season was canceled due to COVID-19 and most of the girls are worried that is going to happen once again. Even the coaches and players have seen the change and are working with each other to make it a good season.

Elle Heiman, a Jv team member who talks about her freshman year of soccer has definitely had some things to say about this COVID-19 and soccer season. Heiman mentions that “the soccer season for girls might be a little bit tough, but it’s definitely gonna toughen us up and make us stronger. Also with the masks and all on I think it will be tougher because you’re gonna have to persevere and push yourself even harder than you were last year for girls soccer. It’s [the soccer season] going to be more towards summer so the weathers going to be a lot more hot.”

Another player, Alyssa Harris a Sophomore Jv player who said that she thinks “The soccer season is going to be interesting trying to maintain covid guidelines, probably just less contact in things such as practice and mask wearing during games and practices.”

The girls season doesn’t start until April 26th. Fortunately Colorado High School Activities Association(CHSAA)has released that girls will have a season that will just be later. It starts at the end of April and ends in June and is about a 5-6 week season. It is a normal season time, but with COVID-19 the season is just months later.

There has also been some pre-season training for the girls. The pre-season training is something the coaches always do, but this year it is needed a lot more considering none of the girls have been able to play in almost a year.

The coaches have also split up the girls into smaller groups so not all the girls are together. This is a COVID-19 guideline all have had to take to be able to have an actual season. This however is better than the alternative considering the girls last year did not get a season because of COVID-19.

Practices have been cancelled because of weather so it makes it pretty hard to do pre-season work. The girls have also been doing some practices on Thursdays at Longmont indoor, but stopped. So that made it a bit harder because now they are only practicing about once a week, but with COVID-19 once a week is a very good middle ground.

The girls do seem to be very happy for the season to start soon. Most of the girls who were freshmen in 2020 did not get a season because COVID-19 shut everything down. Being able to actually play is going to be good for the girls that didn’t last season. Elle Heiman a sophomore Jv soccer player for Silver Creek has said that she is “looking forward to actually having a high school season and getting to hang out with my favorite people of all time, and I’m excited to actually play for high school.”

That’s been the new normal with masks and social distancing with the least amount of contact possible. No one knows with girls soccer if it will be back to normal anytime soon. The girls hope that they get a full soccer season and not have COVID-19 become a big problem with the season again. Once the season gets started the girls will definitely feel free and ready to play. It will take adjusting with masks and the regulations, but the girls are ready to take on the challenge.