Silver Creek Raptor Football Takes 3-0


Tanya Riters

Silver Creek varsity at the end of the homecoming game taking in their game winning victory.

The Silver Creek High School beloved football team took home another win after the homecoming game on Friday, September 3. The Raptors put up a tough fight, taking the win with the score of 36-20, defeating the Centaurus Warriors.
The raptor homecoming game was a win for the football players, coaches, and Raptor fans alike. This is the first homecoming game the varsity football players have won in 4 years. The team has taken a huge turn from last season; losing every game last year. This football season they have the support of the always excited and supportive student section.
The Raptors had very little time to prepare for this game with it falling on a Thursday of a shortened four day week. During an interview with Head Coach Brian McGee, he had very few doubts about his team taking on Mitchell High School. McGee stated, “It’s a little tougher [having a Thursday game] because it’s a short week; we don’t have that much to prepare with it being a Thursday.”
Even though the game was on a Thursday, that didn’t scare the varsity football players of Creek. Even though “Mitchell is a team that’s been down for a few years, I think that they’re a program that we can’t overlook.” The Raptors didn’t overlook them at all. They still brought their all and saw them as they see any other competition.
The Raptors took home yet another win on Thursday, Sept. 9, during their game against Mitchell High School in Colorado Springs. The Raptors dominated the Mitchell Marauders, taking a win with the score of 58-0. The Raptors saw their prey and took them down just as they would any other high school. Senior varsity captain Eli Hubert explains that “I honestly didn’t know what to expect, but just the drive down there is a 2 hour drive so it was kinda fun being with the team making connections, then obviously getting a super big win was obviously really fun.”
This is the final football season for our senior class of 2022, and so far they are off to a great start. Right now this football season is already looking better than the 2020 football season. This season the Varsity football team is racking up some wins and the fans are finally back in the stands.
The football players love having the support from all of the Raptor fans back. If anything, having them back is why they’re winning games this season. Hubert explained, “ it’s way better because with students, now everyone can see that we’re winning, and then when they rush the field it’s just the best feeling.”
Just like Hubert, the students love being back in the stands. They bring the support and cheers that the team needs to keep pushing through a game. This week on Thursday, September 16 our Silver Creek Raptors will be taking on the Skyline Falcons. “It should be the best game of the year so far. They’re a pretty good team, but we should win and it should boost our momentum even more going into Longmont,” Hubert explained.
The Raptors of Silver Creek are hungry for more wins and will continue to take them. If you can, come to the Skyline game this Thursday, September 16 at Everly Montgomery Field and come to the Longmont game next Thursday at Everly Montgomery Field!