Construction Dogs!


Photo courtesy of Shane Wyatt.

ChiChi making sure everything is in order. She is extremely exhausted due to all the work shes been doing.

Mia Frazier, Staff Writer

Excitement over the new pool at Silver Creek is buzzing about. However, a dog named ChiChi might see the pool before students can. ChiChi is a two (and a half) year-old American pitbull who often roams the construction site at her owner, Shane Wyatt’s leisure. 


The head of the construction crew that’s currently building the pool at Silver Creek is a dog person. More specifically, a pitbull person. Wyatt says that ChiChi is the third pitbull he’s ever had. He says that “ [I] personally think they’re phenomenal dogs.” He’s had ChiChi since she was eight weeks old, getting her from a friend of his. “Me and my kids just fell in love with her,” Wyatt remarks. 


She is extremely well trained, and knows to stay away from equipment. Although ChiChi hasn’t had any owners prior to Wyatt, she is an extremely good listener and is friendly with all of the crew and any passerbys. Even people who haven’t met her absolutely love her! Stephanie Owen, a science teacher at Creek, has a classroom located right by the construction site, and always sees ChiChi wandering around. “It appears that the pitbull’s main purpose is greeting the workers at the construction site,“smelling things that students leave in the grass, and frolicking to make me happy.” Owen says.


Despite the fact that many students have not met ChiChi, those who have all adored her. Junior Sarah Scalf says that ChiChi reminds her of her own dog, which brings her joy, especially during COVID. Sashiana Amsbaugh-Murrieta, a senior, who has admittedly never seen ChiChi, or even knew of her existence, immediately fell in love with the dog. “[I] think it’s really cute that they have a dog with them to help them throughout the day; especially when taking breaks,” She says with a laugh.


ChiChi’s name comes from the spanish word chicheron which translates to pork rind. And although ChiChi doesn’t look like a pork rind, the name certainly fits her. Wyatt says that those in the community who speak spanish always chuckle when he calls for her. “Most names you just stumble upon,” He says.


Although she doesn’t have a hard hat and vest, ChiChi is easily the favorite member of the pool building crew at Creek (no offense to anyone else.. but she’s just so cute!) . “Sniff sniff sniff sniff” She gushes. (Translation: it’s not much.. but it’s honest work).