Love Hard: The New Christmas Season Must Watch


Photo Courtesy of Mia Ballingham

Nina Dobrev, Jimmy O. Yang and, Darren Barnet. Netflix new Love Hard stars caught in a “love triangle”.

This romantic Christmas movie highlights a modern love story that shows the problems of online dating and that not everything is based on looks.

Love Hard, Directed by: Hernán Jiménez, Romantic Comedy, TV-14(some suggestive dialogue), 1hr 45mins

In the new Netflix movie Love Hard, which came out November 5th is directed by Hernán Jiménez. Natalie (played by Nina Dobrev) an L.A. writer struggles to find love and focuses her writing on her inability to find love. Natalie matches on a dating website with what seems to be her “perfect match” Tag (played by Darren Barnet), and decides to surprise him for the holiday. Natalie’s boss is looking for Natalie to come back with another tragic love story but it is finally time for her to find happiness.

This movie is the perfect romantic holiday movie that has just the right amount of cheesiness and romance. Although this movie is somewhat predictable at times, it is still a great watch. This movie is funny and lighthearted. There are many relatable aspects like how it can be hard to find love and we can’t believe everything we see on the internet. Our modern society can easily relate to the online dating and the technology part of this movie. It is based around Christmas time and that is when Natalie goes to visit Tag.

Hernán Jiménez is a Puerto Rican film director and has directed many other films that are not very well known, making this his first hit. Jiménez is also a stand up comedian and an actor himself. Jiménez earned a BFA in film from San Francisco Art Institute, an MFA in screenwriting and directing from Columbia University, and also trained as an actor.

Since this movie is so new, there is not much known about Jiménez’ intent and the point he wanted to get across with this film. It seems that Jiménez wanted to show the new world of technology and modern online dating, and that we can’t always rely on things we see on the internet. Jiménez was able to get this point across, and after watching Love Hard, you have a new perspective on how the internet influences our lives so much. He also may have wanted to get across that not everything is about how someone looks and that you can form a deeper connection not just based on appearance.

There are a lot of mixed reviews with this movie, just like any other. Many believe that it is cheesy and predictable. Many also think it shows the problems with technology in our society in a way that some people don’t necessarily like. I think that this film is definitely worth your time.

On Sunday, November 7, the movie was ranked number 1 on Netflix. This movie is only shown on Netflix right now and has gotten a lot of attention recently. The fans want a sequel and there are rumors of this possibility, but nothing is official yet.