New Year New Season


Photo curtesy of Eva Dostal

The raptors take to the field!

After a perfect summer, the football team has hit the field once again, this time with a whole new outlook. Between COVID still being around and having a new home field it’s been one heck of a year. However if you’re looking for a fun escape from these restrictions, why not go out on a Thursday or Friday night to watch Silver Creek play football. What’s more fun than going and cheering on your team? But how is the new season going?, one might ask

When further investigating on how our teams felt one would think, what better source than the head coach himself? Coach Brian McGee has been coaching the Silver Creek football team for the past 19 years. So he knows a thing or two about how our team should run. But what has changed over the past two years? Just as predicted our coach had also thought our team had started off strong with a 3 game winning streak and only 2 losses. So the first question asked was “why are we just barely breaking even? What changed so much?”

The first thing that had been discovered was that they (football team) have a new varsity quarterback, Bryce Gorr, is this good? Is this bad? Well from what has been discussed, there are mixed reviews. “He’s a good player and is able to keep cool” says coach McGee, “He needs to learn to throw” one student stated. But that’s not the only change. With more freshmen flooding in, there are even more players to get on the field for our C-team. When asked about the freshman, Coach McGee said “freshmen are always challenging” he explained that as “freshmen, they don’t quite get that football is a privilege and not a right” but with that he said “they’re a good group” it seems coach McGee has high hopes for the future.

But are these issues due to a lack of training? Had COVID toned down the physical drills and changed things up. What is the best source for this than a player himself. All-star linebacker Josef “Pepi” Dostal. To find out if he felt that he was properly prepared for the season, or whether he thought there was more that needed to be added to the curriculum. “I think we need more weight training and more physical drills,” said Pepi. Which is understandable because as a football player, you need to be aggressive and not hold anything back. Due to last year’s COVID restrictions, Pepi felt that he couldn’t “tackle with everything he had”, “as we weren’t even supposed to be within 6 feet”. But now that things are back in the swing, Pepi finally feels like he can toss himself back at receivers to hopefully win some more games.

On the topic of training, investigations led to finding out that anyone could join at any moment. From the coach, his advice is to remember that they are always open, but join sooner rather than later. With football comes a feeling of family and comradery. So, the earlier you can join, the better you can be. But one thing that both coaches and players can agree on, is that you need to get into the weight room.

If you’re ever free on a Thursday or Friday night, don’t forget about your Silver Creek football players. Even though some home games are in Fredrick, it’s worth the drive. Going to a Creek football game can be one of the best things to do during your career as a Silver Creek student. Most importantly, GO RAPTORS!