Silver Creek Chairs: Red Vs. Black


Photo Courtesy of Eden Rutledge

These are the chair candidates: the red and black chairs. There is no winner on which is the best, but they are both clearly quality chairs for different reasons.

The question many people want the answer to… which chair is better: red or black? The chairs are really important to students’ learning, keeping them focused and ready to work. Silver Creek students and staff share their opinions on which is the better chair.

The two types of chairs at Silver Creek are very different; one red and square, and one black and round. Jennifer Mallette, the French teacher at Silver Creek, explains how “The black chairs were only offered when the new addition came into the building,” she says, “the red chairs have been what we [Silver Creek High School] have had since the day the school opened.”

Students from Silver Creek High School sit for about seven hours a day, so the comfort of the chairs is important. Isabelle Casas, a 9th grade student at Silver Creek, says, “I think too comfortable of a chair could lead to no focus, but it needs to be a good balance so you are not uncomfortable doing your work.”

Comfortable chairs allow for students to maintain a comfortable position for a longer period of time. Staying in the same position will reduce the amount of times they have to reposition themselves, making the students less apt to getting distracted.

Students are determining their future every day, and an uncomfortable chair can influence that. Sage Campomanes, a senior at Silver Creek, is busy at work finishing her last year of high school. Being able to focus is something she finds very important. Campomanes says, “I focus when I am comfortable and happy, [and] I’m comfortable and happy… in the black chair”.

Casas has a contradictory opinion to Campomanes. Casas thinks that the black chairs “do not have the best back support [so] … it might be harder to focus.” A more flexible back allows for students to be comfortable. Unfortunately, it will also take more effort for the student to sit up straight.

Jennifer Mallette has red chairs in her classroom, she does not want to switch to the black chairs. Madame Mallette has strong opinions regarding the black chairs, “I think kids would lean more in the black chairs.,” Lleaning in chairs can cause the students to be distracted and they can even get hurt.

More often than not, many people prefer the red chairs. They make less noise and tip less. Mallette says how “the people that have the black chairs up above… make so much noise on the floor.” The noise distracts classes that are trying to concentrate.

Productivity is a hard thing to come by with all the distractions. Having good chairs that have good back stability is important. The red chairs, which force students to sit straight up, encourage students to be productive. Jennifer Mallette explains how, “they [students] are definitely more productive when they are sitting up”.

Isabelle Casas agrees with Jennifer Mallette. She says how the red chairs have “the back support [that] could help you stay focused on your work.” The red chairs have “good back support but after a while it is very uncomfortable.”

With upcoming finals, the comfort of the chairs helps a lot. The chairs allows the student to be focused while hard at work.

SIlver Creek High School had a big decision on which chair to buy out of the many chairs available. The red and black chairs were inevitably the ones chosen. Silver Creek students are thankful because there are much worse chairs that Silver Creek could have chosen.

The argument will be an ongoing conversation. Both chairs have positives and negatives, there is sadly no true winner.