Art Show


Beginning digital photography student, Jack Wildhirts piece hung in the upper D hallway.

This year (2021), Silver Creek High School’s art program is having an art show to show off all the art students’ work. Silver Creek usually does this every year, but last year, due to COVID, they were unable to.

There are three art teachers in the department: Mrs. Torkelson, Mr. Tropman, and Mrs. Giese. With the classes that are offered at the school this year Tropman teaches, 3 levels of ceramics, dark room photography, digital photography and drawing, Torkelson teaches, crafts drawing and 3D design, and Giese teaches, ap studio art, studio art, and painting.

These teachers decided that their students’ hard work and dedication so far needed to be shown off. They created an assignment and made a slides presentation where the students had to put pictures of their work as the final for the semester.

The students in these classes have to create a final art piece or use their best art piece from the semester to put on display around the school. The art is either displayed in the library, hung around the halls, or placed in a display case. Along with the students’ art piece, they also have to write a summary of what their piece means and why and how they created what they did.

Mr. Tropman has been an art teacher for the school for about 20 years. Mr. Tropman also runs the flying and the photography club. After not having the art show last year, he is excited to be showing off the artwork again. There is always artwork showing in the c wing of the school but Tropman is excited to spread that throughout all of the school. “A lot of people don’t really come to C wing,” Tropman added, “so this is a way to get artwork into the rest of the building so that people can see what’s going on.” Mr Tropman is excited that his students’ hard work can be seen by the whole school.

The students at Silver Creek High School have been working hard all semester and are also very excited to show off their hard work. Olivia Enright, a junior at Silver Creek, is taking crafts this semester with Mrs. Torkelson.“In crafts we don’t just have 2D things that you can just glue to the piece, you have 3D things that you have to find a spot for,” Enright described.

Enright thought that it may be hard to find a place for her piece especially with so many art students, but there was a place for everything. Enright also thought that it would be hard because she wasn’t exactly sure what piece she was going to use as her final, but regardless, she was excited to have her art seen throughout the whole school.

There are many people in the school that have been able to walk around and appreciate all the work. The students during the passing period, even if they may not have the time to read the statements, enjoy looking at all the artwork.

Ashton Ballingham, a freshman at Silver Creek stated, “I am usually talking with my friends during passing periods, and sometimes in a rush, but I still like to see all the artwork throughout the halls and in the library.” Ballingham also mentioned that he doesn’t go into the c wing often, so it is nice to see the work that is being done without it staying all in one place.

The art show makes an overall positive impact on our school community. Everybody is able to appreciate their peers’ work while also looking at the cool interesting art. We are excited to see more of these art shows in the future.