Transitioning From a Cold Winter


Photo Courtesy of Leslie Quintanar

Silver Creek’s Soccer fields await practice and games.

With winter coming to an end, not only is the weather changing, but Silver Creek’s 2022 Winter Sports season is also coming to an end, with the 2022 Spring Season sneaking up behind it. New season sports are always exciting to people in and out of the school.

This year’s winter sports included, Boys Basketball, COED Basketball, Girls Basketball, Girls Swimming, Boys Hockey, COED Skiing, Boys Wrestling, Girls Wrestling (at Mead High School), and Unified Basketball.

The spring season will be starting at the end of February. The sports participating this season will be Boys Baseball, Boys Swim, Girls Soccer, Girls Golf, COED Track, Boys Lacrosse, and Boys Volleyball.

Getting to know your teammates can help you feel comfortable in and around the environment and help make new friendships. “It was a very open environment; everyone was super nice,” states Valeria Rodriguez who was a freshman swimmer this winter season.

Looking past the winter season, new season sports are always exciting to all people in and out of the school, especially when it comes to the social aspect of them.

“I’m looking forward to getting introduced to high school sports and being able to meet new people,” says Lila Johnson, a freshman who is planning on playing on the girls soccer team this spring.

Since this is the many Freshman’s first year at Silver Creek, they get to see how the school sports are, and how the school’s spirit still shines bright for the new sports seasons.

As Silver Creek prepares for the winter to spring transition, it can bring lots of obstacles. With these obstacles comes lots of stress not only to the students and coaches involved, but also the staff involved in the planning of the new season .

Some may think this transition is easy to deal with, however that is not the case. Since the winter season is still active, the spring season will be starting soon. (Sometimes the winter season is still ongoing while a new season is starting.)

This causes “overlap… winter sports running into spring sports,” says Silver Creeks’s athletics director, Patrick DeCamillis. Unfortunately, this is just one challenge he is faced with, although this is a recurring issue with the other seasons, such as the fall to winter transition.

Weather can be an even bigger complication when switching to new seasons. Many don’t realize that when spring sports start, the weather is not the friendliest during this time. This is because many of the practices and tryouts are healed outside, and with the cold weather and snow around, it can get a bit challenging. “I think probably one of the biggest challenges is not necessarily transition, it’s just weather,” DeCamillis explains.

Students are also faced with many challenges. Since the students are also players, they have to learn how to balance their school work with sporting events. Practices can take up most of their time, and this can be a challenge for many of them.

“…I’m taking an AP class right now, so it’s kinda hard to manage both,” says Johnson.

Many students are feeling the stress and pressure of keeping up with school, especially as we near the end of the school year. The pressure is on to stay on top of school work. “You need passing grades in order to compete,” says Rodriguez.

Although there may be some challenges to face when entering new seasons, sports are still a great and fun way to meet new people.

“There is some excitement regarding the spring sports because this is the first normalish spring that we’ve had in two years,” explains DeCamillis.

To be able to attend the first day of spring practices/tryouts you must have a current physical on file with the athletics department to be able to participate.(Credit to: First practices and tryouts will be on Monday, February 28. Boys swimming will be on Monday, February 21.