The Benefits Of Having Creative Writing


Photo courtesy of Caryn Sims

Creative Writing Students are working on their creative story and listening to Mr. Opal. From left to right: Rye Ford, ‘Em Winkler,Evelyn Irving, Anika Reiner Shade Stool, Sam Villa, Gorg Hicken

Students at Silver Creek High School love the Creative Writing class. It helps them with their passion, creativity, and their communication skills. Creative writing is a fun class to do, to write in many genres, and to add a flow to stories.

In the class, students begin writing a story by brainstorming what story they want to write and an introduction to it. Then, they put their notes into a creative story and publish the writing. Finally, a student shares their story to other peers and they will peer review the story. There are several types of creative writing to choose from: poetry, fiction, plays, personal essays, and lyrics are just a few examples.

Many students have found that creative writing is a cool class to take in high school, especially writing in the Science Fiction genre. Students like to write about Sci-Fi because it’s a cool genre to write about technology and advanced science.

There are numerous benefits to taking a Creative Writing class: it allows students to pull inspiration from their own experiences in creative and unique ways, share new ideas, and advocate for a better society. Creative Writing boosts students’ imaginations and teaches them better decision making as they have complete freedom when deciding where they want to take a universe.

During Covid, many students were online while Mathew Opal, a creative writing teacher, was in the classroom. Mr. Opal, a creative writing teacher, stated how it was a pleasure for students to be back in person. “I love creative writing, and students are back in-person [which] makes it easy for creative writing class to have.”

Many schools that do not have a creative writing class should be provided like here at Silver Creek High School. To also have a Creative Writing class to their course registration because students are interested in doing other creative classes like photography, art classes, and other interesting classes that they want to take.

Creative Writing is very good for students as a class so that they can have imagination aspects. Students who try to take a creative writing class in high school, they can take it again in college and make creative aspects of writing a story.

Clare Doolittle, a creative writing student, explained why students should take a creative writing class, “Creative Writing is a fun class and it’s really better to take it in-person rather than online.”

Spending one semester taking a creative writing class helps students to get a head start on school with creativity.

Hyland Welch, another Creative Writing student, stated that he wants to be a writer when he grows up. “I want to be a writer who writes fiction, non-fiction, and focuses on sci-fi stories.”

Students want to be writers/authors when they grow up. They feel like writing is a great solution to clear their minds and to be productive. They feel inspired on what it feels like to write and write and finally to get somewhere.

Writing has benefits for many students: It helps with mental health, to be creative and passionate, and to clear their minds to write about themselves. Creative Writing classes are very fun to take and it’s a great way to make friends, have peer-reviews, and to be yourself.