A New Favorite Spot to Spill the Tea!: Review


Photo Courtesy of Catherine Ruiz

The interior photo backdrop in the establishment, Spill the Tea, is shown on the far right.

Spill the Tea Boba is a boba tea place found in Northglenn, Colorado.
Customers who walk into this establishment will immediately notice how spacious and kept up the place is. Along with its cleanliness they offer a variety of games that can be located by the foosball table, immediately to the right when walking in. From the back, patrons can clearly see the variety of options on the menu. Customers who walk up are immediately greeted by an employee, who then in a calm manner asks what they would like. Sometimes the customer needs more time to decide, as they do, the employee stands patiently making sure the customer does not feel rushed into their decision.

Their mission statement is “to deliver the best cup of quality tea with a variety of options.” They ensure this by giving the customers a variety of add ons on the menu and an online booking option. This also allows the customers to further create their own ideal type of drink.

During a recent trip, a customer ordered green milk tea boba. It came in a plastic cup with a thin sheet of plastic sealing the drink. After punchering the seal on top with a colorful straw, of which they have quite the variety in, the customer immediately notices the bittersweet taste. The tea was definitely not as sweet as some would have expected, but went down very smoothly. She found the after taste to be a bit overwhelming. As compared to other versions of the green tea, this one didn’t quite hit the spot. The only thing that seemed to remain the same was the fantastic taste and texture of the boba. Although it wasn’t her cup of tea, she will be back for her usual order. Especially since it is the only known location she knows of with a drive-through service.

Through their drive-through service, they keep the same attitude, but it takes longer to get your drink. For some, time might not be that much of a problem, but the line can quickly build up. As fast as it is built up it does not decrease as quickly. Leaving customers in a line for up to 10-15 minutes. Which may seem insane but when it comes to the quality of the tea it’s well worth it. To save on time customers are better off going inside, where they will be immediately served in less than 5 minutes.

The tea is made fresh and the fruits are kept fresh to ensure the tea is kept fresh. They allow for the view of the tea being made through the clear glass, almost seeing the full 360 process. Customers who walk in will undoubtedly notice the cleanliness and organization of this establishment.

Based on google reviews this place is ranked at a solid 4.5+ rating. Though this is a positive, the drive-through should be equally kept up as the line inside. Without it, the drive-through may as well not have been added to this establishment. Nonetheless, this perk definitely leaves the customers with an even bigger reason to return, as it’s convenient. The drive-through not only impacts the customers but leaves a gateway for future boba establishments to include a drive-through service as well. As said in the review, A boba drive-through isn’t something you come across very often. Making the uniqueness of this establishment very memorable.

Overall out of 5 this place would be rated a 4.5. Boba can be a hit or miss when it comes to the texture, and sometimes taste. They continue to exceed customer’s expectations not only with their variety of options but the quality. As said in their mission statement, they aime to make the best quality tea. They do so in ways the customer will not forget. There is also the help of the unique factor, the drive-through. Offering a unique aspect to the establishment it can surely be furthermore improved on with the very considerate staff.