How the Silver Creek Library is Celebrating LatinX


Photo courtesy of Amber Guttridge

Sophomore Leelianna Gurrola reads one of the many books the library is offering to students to read about Latinx Heritage Month. She is reading this book so she can learn more information about the culture. Gurrola says, “The reason I’m reading these books is to understand an idea of what my ancestors lived like in Mexico, I’m part of the Latinx community and want to learn more about my culture.”

LatinX Heritage Month begins on Sept. 15. During this time, culture and stories are shared throughout America. Members of the LatinX community tell stories about their ancestors, and everyone gets to learn different things about the community. American and Latin American citizens get to celebrate the different accomplishments from so many people in the LatinX community whether it’s scientists, doctors, authors, etc. People visit museums to learn new things about the LatinX community, and watch movies/documentaries for a better understanding of the LatinX community.

At Silver Creek High School there are both students and teachers who are a part of the LatinX community. As a way to help all of SCHS learn more about LatinX Heritage Month, the library displayed a variety of books whose authors and/or characters are part of the LatinX community, with hopes of people relating to the stories. This helps students and teachers learn about a new culture they might not know a lot about.

Tina Fredo and Kristin Holtz, the librarians at Silver Creek, have a variety of books in the library, and currently have a Spanish section where students and teachers can find LatinX books for Latinx Heritage Month.

“We’re trying to highlight different authors and books that have characters that identify as LatinX” Fredo said. These books are out so people can learn about the lifestyle of the LatinX characters, and learn more things about the culture.

There are some students at Silver Creek who’s first language is Spanish, and some students might still be trying to learn English. Because of this, Fredo and Holtz have now started to get books that have been translated to Spanish.

Fredo said, “We’ve received most of the Harry Potter series in spanish and some other books that are both in english and spanish.” Now those who are part of the Spanish speaking community have the option to read books in Spanish.

Something else the library is doing for Latinx Heritage Month is offering the students and teachers to answer a question about the community, with the incentive to earn a piece of Mexican candy.

Rolle Spinharney, a freshman at Silver Creek was one of the students that tried this activity. Spinharney was asked a question and was told that the answer would be found in a book nearby. Once Spinharney found the answer he told Fredo and Holtz and was given a piece of Mexican candy.

Spinharney liked his experience of trying out this activity, saying that, “ It’s pretty fun getting to learn new things about the culture, and even try out the candy.” Spinharney recommends for other students to try this out before the celebration for LatinX community ends.

The library welcomes all students to come by and see what books are available for LatinX. On Oct.15 LatinX Heritage Month ends, but the books for the community will still be available for check out. There are so many book options to choose from in the LatinX section, so it might be fun to read something new, while still being able to learn more information about this culture.