Halloween Spirit around Silver Creek


Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Dupre

Silver Creek hosts ‘Spooky Movie Night’ in Room D102.

Halloween Spirit Around Silver Creek

With Halloween approaching at a rapid speed, students at Silver Creek High School are filling up their calendars and planning events to maintain the Halloween spirit.

In the past, Silver Creek encouraged students to dress up and plan events to keep the spooky mood. Silver Creek staff and students both participated in these events. What’s on the agenda for this halloween?

Within Silver Creek this year, there are a variety of plans for the night.

“I plan on trick-or-treating in Prospect with my friends and going to a party. I just want to have fun, really,” says Sophomore Ben Pecherzewski.

Not only are people trick or treating, but Mr. Sardinia, a counselor at Silver Creek will be on the other end, handing out candy and staying in for the night.

Like a lot of other families, “We plan on sitting by our door, waiting for kids to come up to our house so we can give them candy!” Explains Sardinia.

On the other hand, Silver Creek plans to bring fun into a special Monday, Halloween day. According to Sardinia, Silver Creek used to have a big Halloween event that was ran by Mr. McNichols, a social studies teacher, but this hasn’t been done since COVID.

This year, GSA (Gender- Sexuality-Alliance) arranged a “Spooky Movie Night” on Tuesday, October 25th. They showed “Coraline”, and had snacks and drinks.

Creek also highly encourages all students to dress up on Halloween day during school, while staying within the regulations. These regulations are put into place to ensure everyone’s safety in the building. Obviously, everything has to be school appropriate and things such as masks that fully hide your identity are definitely not allowed to maintain safety at school.

As for teachers, some plan to incorporate halloween fun into their teaching plans and some do not.

Robert Nixon, an English teacher at Silver Creek states, “No. I will not be doing any Halloween themed lesson plans due to it being in the middle of a unit.”

However, he is still getting into the Halloween spirit in other ways. He further stated, “I will be going to a Halloween parade on Saturday, and then on Halloween night, we have a tradition, we bring chili and have what’s called ‘Dead Man’s Meatloaf’ and go trick or treating.”

This seemed to be a trend throughout the school. Most teachers aren’t doing any themed lesson plans due to their place in their current unit/semester right now, but are going to be dressing up.

Ms. Dame, an English teacher at Silver Creek is doing just that. “I will not be doing any Halloween teaching activities, but I am dressing up with all of Upper and Lower D [wing].”

How many people actually dressed up for school?

“I noticed people were in costumes, but I noticed more people in normal clothes and just had on cool face makeup,” says Sophomore Lila Johnson. “I didn’t personally do anything at school for Halloween, but some of my friends did and looked great.” Johnson continued on, “For Halloween night, I stayed in and watched scary movies.”

Throughout the school, a lot of students planned on going trick or treating. Grace Athwal, sophomore at Silver Creek, claims she was surprised as to how many students plan to trick or treat. “In my Law class, my teacher asked who was going trick or treating tonight, almost everyone raised their hand!”

After Halloween night, what were people’s thoughts? Did they have fun? What will they do differently next year? Everyone seemed to have a really good night filled with fun and candy. Next year, people are hoping that Mr. McNichols will bring back his awesome Halloween event pre-COVID.

Overall, Silver Creek enjoys keeping the Halloween spirit although being in high school and wants to make the most out of the day despite the holiday falling on a Monday. With people dressing up and going out on Halloween, it must’ve been a fun night.