Verity Book Review: People Will Know the Truth Eventually


Photo courtesy of Amber Guttridge

This is the paper back version of the book “Verity” by Colleen Hoover.

Disclaimer: This novel and review examine sensitive topics, such as self harm, harm to others, and sexual content.

Verity – By Colleen Hoover – Fiction – 323 pages

The Crawfords are a family built around lies and it only takes one manuscript to reveal all the dark and horrific secrets that are being kept within the walls of the Crawford home.

Verity by Colleen Hoover is a romantic thriller from the point of view of 32 year old author Lowen Ashleigh.

Lowen is hired to finish the thriller series that Verity Crawford is unable to complete due to certain injuries. Lowen is asked to stay at Crawford’s home for a couple nights so she can do some research for the series and understand what needs to be done for the novels. As Lowen does her research, she comes across a manuscript that is an autobiography written by Verity. In this autobiography, Lowen finds out terrible things that Verity had been hiding from her family, and is uncertain whether to tell Verity’s husband Jeremy Crawford.

Even though Lowen finds the manuscript, she doesn’t know if she should tell Jeremy because she doesn’t want to completely ruin the family’s relationship. But Lowen feels that if she does tell Jeremy, that could help start her own relationship with him. In the end the decision Lowen makes does reveal the biggest secret of them all.

Verity is a novel that always has the reader asking questions by leaving the chapters on cliffhangers, and having the reader kept engaged to find answers to the questions one might have formed along the way.

A sophomore named Leeliana Gurrola read this book over the summer and didn’t have anything bad to say about the novel.
“I really loved this book, it was great, it was definitely a page turner, and I just could not put it down,” Says Gurrola,
I think Colleen Hoover did great for writing a thriller because she’s mainly known for her romantic pieces, but it was cool seeing not only how but how well she did with combining both romantic and thriller into one book, ”

Overall the novel Verity contained very frightful parts of the story. But even with these frightful parts, the novel still has a good storyline, by still including the romantic elements that other novels by Colleen Hoover are known for.