Silver Creek Leadership Academy Actively Shaping The Community


Photo courtesy of Bailey Lambert

Juniors taking their script they made in class, and speaking about what they are currently doing in SCLA at expo night.

Silver Creek Leadership Academy (SCLA) is a program that is offered through Silver Creek High School that allows students to grow as leaders and help their community through their high school years. SCLA students have a common goal in wanting to make a difference in their community. This actively shapes not only school communities but outside communities as well.

During the first three years in SCLA, students focus on learning new leadership skills, practice public speaking, presentation skills, team building, and other valuable lessons.

When SCLA students reach their senior year, they get to create a capstone project. Capstone projects are an opportunity to combine all students’ leadership skills they’ve gained throughout their high school experience and put them into a project that will help, and connect with the community.

Nola Abraham, a freshman who has just recently joined SCLA is growing her leadership skills, and enjoys being able to help others. Abraham wants to help her community in anyway she can.

“I think really just helping people and learning to develop yourself as a leader…. It’s about standing out and helping a community,” Freshman Nola Abraham says.

SCLA students are required and given the opportunities to volunteer. Abraham volunteers at Blue Mountain Elementary School. At the elementary school, Abraham grades papers and connects with the younger students. As SCLA students like Abraham volunteer, they are able to connect with their community and put their leadership skills into practice. Volunteering gives people the opportunity to help others and make a difference.

Abraham says “It’s teaching these kids about service and that even though we live in a very privileged community, just because you have it good doesn’t mean you can’t help others” in response to how she believes SCLA is actively benefiting the community.

As a SCLA student continues into their experience and increases grade levels, they continue to grow their leadership skills. The assignments given to them continue to help grow this skill. Ellery Fischaber, a junior in SCLA explains what some of her assignments in SCLA are currently.

“Currently we are doing projects on different regions. My group is Latin America and the Caribbean,” Fischaber explains.

SCLA is actively increasing student leadership skills with assignments, projects, and learning activities.

Fischaber is currently volunteering for The Colorado Friendships, she packages food for people in need. By doing so, she is increasing her leadership skills, and helping her community.

Once a SCLA student reaches their senior year in the program, they are presented the opportunity to create a capstone project. A capstone project is designed to help benefit the community.

Emma Hunt, a senior in SCLA, has been in the program for 4 years and loves it. Hunt has partnered with Be Real, a non profit organization that has written a research based on eating disorder prevention curriculum that she plans on distributing at Silver Creek. Hunt will be training teachers at Silver Creek, teaching classes and spreading the curriculum to other schools.

As Hunt explains her capstone project she states her inspirations and goals for her project.

Hunt says, “Well ever since the pandemic, the rate of eating disorders nationally has doubled and tripled here at Silver Creek and treatment is super expensive which most families can’t afford. So preventing it from happening in the beginning can help offset it.”

In order for Hunt and other seniors to spread the news about their capstone projects, An expo night was hosted on October 5, 2022 and allowed SCLA seniors to talk to people about their projects. Expo Night was held outside the front doors of Silver Creek with presentation boards on capstone projects. The underclassman attended Expo Night and helped out the seniors, along with speaking about what they are currently doing in SClA in front of the crowd.

The SCLA program at Silver Creek has offered students to become leaders who will help shape their community. Current SCLA members of all grade levels are actively growing their leadership skills and shaping their community.