Dall.E and A.I. Image Generators


Photo Illustration courtesy of John Baze

This image was made using Dall.E 2, with the prompt “Octopus reading a newspaper in a kitchen oil painting”. It really shows how far the A.I. has come, being able to use specific mediums, and more detailed locations.

Imagine scrolling through Instagram, and seeing an amazing painting. Clicking on the profile to see if there are any more pieces of art, there are four more paintings, all from the last hour. They all look amazing, but it’s weird that someone could make them all so fast. After seeing the account bio, it makes sense that it was all made so fast, the creator used artificial intelligence.

Dall.E and other A.I. Image generators are taking the world by storm. Users can use them for so many different things. They could make an album cover, use it for a profile picture, or even make art with it. All someone has to do is write a sentence to get results.

People can even make money off of these A.I. Image Generators. Lots of people will put a prompt into the A.I. and then edit or photoshop the image. Those people can sell the images they “made” because they photoshopped it and made it their own.

Using more than one different website can change how you explain the prompt drastically. For some, a more detailed explanation creates a better image. For others it’s better to use simple descriptions. Another complication in using these generators is paid usage. Better quality generators like Dall.E 2, only have 15 free monthly credits, which are used to create images.

“A.I. art could potentially be good for the modern art industry, as the modern art industry thrives on being abstract and having a story that’s not immediately clear behind it.” Matthew Scogin, a Freshman at Silver Creek High School says. “Using A.I. generation as a least inspiration for this could be beneficial.”

The art industry is changing and adapting to the A.I. Image Generators.

All of the different websites get money in different ways. Some take it by using paid credits, like Dall.E 2. Other websites, with free unlimited uses, get money through using your data. While this is taking users information, it also means A.I. Image generators are constantly getting more advanced. They create new prompts to make the next one better.

The best part about A.I. generators are always changing and getting more realistic. “I think the most useful thing is finding out how A.I. think,” Freshman Gavin Mcintire says.

As they continue to grow, we are going to get glimpses into the future of what art and A.I. can do together.