National French Honor Society Celebrates French Week


Photo courtesy of Tracey Knick

Madame Menchaca, Monsieur Garcia, Madame Knick, Madame Neill, and Madame Cianciola dress up to celebrate french week!

Like most schools in the state of Colorado, Silver Creek High School offers both French and Spanish classes. Most students take three years of a foreign language class, since many colleges recommend it, and it makes students good candidates for job opportunities, internships, and more.

If someone is particularly interested in Speaking French, Silver Creek has their new National French Honor Society, as well as French club.

The requirements to join The National French Honor Society is that you must have a grade of at least 90 or better in your French class, and you must have completed at least three semesters of French as well as maintaining good grades.

Joining the National French Honor Society is a great opportunity for students to earn scholarships and gain important opportunities. As for the French club, it’s after school and there are no requirements to join.

Mrs. Tracy Knick joined Silver Creek’s World Language Department and is in charge of the French Honor Society.

“The National French Honor Society recognizes the achievements of high school French students and I wanted to bring this opportunity to Silver Creek to not only recognize their successes but to highlight the importance and relevance of plurilingualism throughout the world today,” says Knick.

One of the students who runs the French Club, and is in the French Honor Society is Dillon Rankin.

“If you’re dedicated to learning more languages and French is one of those that you’re learning, it’s a really cool experience,” Rankin explains.

Both the National French Honor Society and the French club help with different celebrations and activities such as National French Week, which is coming up from November seventh to November eleventh.

Silver Creek will be celebrating with the event “On parle français à SCHS”. This is a great way to give Silver Creek French students a chance to speak French outside of their classroom, to keep up their speaking practice as well as teaching their peers.

Participating in this event is easy. If a student speaks some French even if it is as simple as a hello, or a thank you, students will be given a sticker as a reward for their attempt.

Teachers who can speak French will hang up signs in their classrooms to let students know that they can have a conversation in French with them to get small prizes.

If a student wants to participate in “On parle français à SCHS”, they should fill out this google form.

For French week various events will be held. French students can compete with other French students through the United States. There will be a french trivia question each day, and at the end of the week whoever has the most correct trivia question answers will win a prize. On that Friday, students get to dress up like a French person (as long as its school appropriate). On Monday they will also be handing out french snacks.

At the moment, the French Honor Society wants to work on going into beginner French classes and preparing them for when they are eligible to actually join the French Honor Society. They also are hoping to go to the local middle school, Altona Middle School, and teach the students french.

“We’re just going to kind of try to immerse ourselves in French culture without necessarily having the language as a barrier so it will still be open to students who speak little to no French at all” Rankin states.

For the future, the French Honor Society is hoping to help students become more educated in the French Language and culture. They are hoping the French Honor Society will allow students to expand their knowledge of French outside of the classroom.