Improving at Open Gyms for the Upcoming Girls Basketball Season


Photo Courtesy of Alivia Bolt

Basketball open gyms are both impactful, and enduring. The open gyms help bring players together. Having the chance to go Tuesdays, Thursday or even just once can have a big impact! From left to right: Bridget Curry, Bella Ayer, Bailey Lambert, Sophia Godfrey, Izzy Spagnoletti, Whitney McVeigh

With the sound of the ball dribbling, and sweat pouring down from player’s faces all the way down to the floor where their shoes squeak are the sounds and smells of basketball preseason. Athletes have every chance to take up a challenge and face it head on during this upcoming season.
Basketball has been an enduring task for many years at Silver Creek High School. Yet, many of the girls still go to the open gyms to play basketball. With players ranging from freshmen all the way to seniors, they must manage their time and dedication to basketball for the upcoming season. Hosted by Coach Catherine Peterson Every Tuesday and Thursday the girl’s basketball team hosts open gyms in the large gym from 4-5:30.
Bailey Lambert, a Junior at Silver Creek High School, is one of the many athletes who go to the open gyms consistently. Lambert enjoys having the chance to “connect with everybody again”,while also being able “to stay in shape.”
Many of the girls that go to the open gym have been improving rapidly with the help of Coach Peterson, and their teammates. They have the chance to not only improve, but connect deeply with one another.
With the upcoming season close, many of the players who were playing fall season sports are coming to the open gyms, and feeling better than ever going into the basketball season.
Kiersten Mallett, a sophomore on the team just coming out of the softball season says, “I feel like the other sports help keep me in shape running to go into the season,” said Mallet. “They help you be reminded of how to play, and how to work on being a team in that sport.”
Having a sense of working together, and communication plays a big role in basketball. Even during open gyms to help gain an understanding of one another, and grow as a family too.
Having the main goal of getting together as one, and going to these open gyms in order to do so, “it’s really important for all the girls to go to the open gyms when they can because it helps with team bonding, and it also helps us remind ourselves to play together,” Mallett says.
Having this achieved, many of the other athletes are able to go to open gyms and work more with each other.
Yet who says it’s only the players learning anything? Devin Clark the Athletic Secretary of Silver Creek High School states, “having the coaches to get to know their players, and also to have a chance to have players get a feel of basketball without the pressure of basketball,” says Clark.
A huge fundamental to all basketball players is getting to know both each other, their coach, but also having the chance for the coach to experience what the players are feeling as well. Having the chance to undergo the open gyms of Silver Creek Basketball with both the players, and coach to improve fundamentals, teamwork, and so much more for the upcoming basketball season.