‘LAST CHANCE U: Basketball’ Season Two: Another Inspiring Story


Photo Courtesy of Ben Harding

Last Chance U Season 2 came onto Netflix December 13th, 2022.

Last Chance U: Basketball Season 2 10 episodes on Netflix Released December 13th, 2022 “Last Chance U: Basketball” Season Two follows a lot of great guys through a time in their lives that most had hoped they’d never have. It is a story that inspires and sends viewers through the ups and downs of the season. While watching, viewers will see a lot of hard work and struggle, but also triumph. Season Two hit Netflix on December 13, 2022. It is the seventh season of the show, with five seasons of “Last Chance U”, about Junior College (JUCO) Football, and now two seasons of “Last Chance U: Basketball”. The title, “Last Chance U” is a creative way of describing the situations these young men are facing. The kids on the team are all very talented individuals, but a lack of Division I interest, not enough playing time, or bad grades led them to JUCO East LA. This is their last chance to prove themselves and make the jump back to a Division I program to keep following their dreams. This is the second consecutive season of the show featuring East Los Angeles College (ELAC), and Head Coach, John Mosley. The team comes into the season with 18 players on the roster. With only five on the floor at a time, it is a challenge for Coach Mosley to manage his team without players getting discouraged by the lack of playing time. This is one of many issues Coach Mosley has to navigate over the course of the season. These are a bunch of young men that don’t come from good circumstances. They work extremely hard, but the struggles that they’re going from can’t help but bubble to the top from time to time. Coach Mosley pushes his guys extremely hard, so that they can win games and get scholarships to move up the ladder. But when emotions of anger, fear, frustration and sadness come to the forefront, he has to show the players he loves them and he’s there for them so they keep pushing forward. This season comes with a brand new group of players. Desmond Washington is the only returning player, he is playing to try to get his child and family into a better situation. Bryan Penn-Johnson is coming off the heels of two blown DI opportunities, and is hungry to get back into the spotlight. Demetrius “DC” Calip II is the son of a former NBA player, and it is exciting to watch the confidence he brings with him to ELAC. Damani Whitlock is truly the heart of the team, his effort and commitment to the team and winning are a sight to behold. These guys and more make the show extremely hard to stop watching once the viewers connect with these young men. Coach Mosley truly cares about his players, and he wants to get them to a better situation, so he knows the importance of a deep run in the California State Playoffs. Making a run for the Championship not only boosts the notoriety of the program, but it draws a lot of interest for the current players from college coaches and recruiters. Because of the importance of a Championship run, Coach Mosley is very intense in pushing his guys during the season. After a loss, Coach has the team go back to work. They practice hard for an hour, with Coach Mosley testing the guys, trying to separate the “real guys” and the “fake guys” in his program. After practicing, they head out to the track to run sprints. This tests the will of the team. Coach Mosley is super intense because he wants his guys to be prepared for anything. Season Two of “Last Chance U: Basketball” is a must watch for those that love inspiring TV shows. The producers do such a great job of bringing the viewers through the season with the team. Viewers really get to feel like they’re a part of the East LA Husky family.