Breaking out The Bell Bottoms at The Winter Formal!


Photo courtesy of Sarah Dooley

The night continues and David Baker dances in the commons where the winter formal erupted with life. Baker enjoys his night with the various students who attended the formal with him.

It’s a Saturday in March and people hear the laughter of boys and girls. Music is ringing out in the commons. Smiles and cheers from different people around them as the students step foot into the school winter formal. Gazing at the bright lights and swaying with their partner and friends in their new outfits and shoes, a new memory is made.

On March 4th, 2023, the Silver Creek community got together and had fun with a winter formal. Students at Silver Creek High School happily shared memories and dances to celebrate the new semester of the school year.

The winter formal was held in the commons and hosted by Steven McNichols, a history teacher at Silver Creek High School. The event was two hours long, going from 8-10 p.m. Tickets were 10 dollars a person and over 200 people attended.

The theme for this formal was disco! Many students wore things like bell bottoms and sequins or shiny and colorful attire ranging from dresses and skirts to jumpers and suits. There were many accessories such as handbags and jewelry or capes and flashy hairstyles.

Even the teachers that attended joined the fun in having their own disco attire and danced with everyone, having a good time with students.

There were two DJs who kept the dance floor lively for the students who attended. They played music that ranged from rap to childhood favorites and never failed to bring people onto the dance floor. They also played classics such as the ‘Cha-Cha Slide’ by Casper and ‘Star Boy’ by The Weekend.

A photo booth was open in the A wing where people were coming in so they were able to take pictures with their date, partners, group, or just themselves. The photos were free and for each strip, there were three photos.

The photos were printed almost instantly and handed to the students who were in the photo so they could take them home to show their parents or keep them as memoirs.

Tickets were also sold at the door so if anyone was late to the party and lost the chance to get tickets throughout the week, they could also attend and have a good time. Students of any grade, whether it be freshmen or seniors, were able to attend and could bring one person from another school along, with a permission slip of course.

The slip allowed others to safely bring students from other high schools nearby and enjoy their night with them.

The school decided to hold this Winter formal because back in 2020 there was no homecoming dance or prom due to the pandemic. Now they are making up the lost time by hosting this formal for the students that lost those events.

Skye Kilmer, a student at Silver Creek High, attended the formal and stated that “it was casual yet fun!”

Kilmer also had time on the dance floor but thought that the event could use a concession stand or snacks and drinks. Overall, she found the formal pretty fun and definitely looks forward to the next one.

The decorations made the dance all the more fun! Lights and streamers were scattered about the dance floor along with glitter and tinsel. The balloons and shiny ceiling decor were the first things seen walking into the school.

There were disco balls hanging from the lights and scattered around the halls and the music was booming. The crowd was large and enthusiastic, even lifting one person into the air to crowd surf for a brief moment.

People ran around with the golden streamers in hand and threw the balloons over the crowd keeping it from touching the floor. Many students smiled and laughed with one another, met new people, and shared many memories with each other.

Braxton Bonge was another student who went to the winter formal and it was super fun. He was amazed by the decorations and mentioned, “I liked the lights!”

Though he thought the music could’ve had a little less rave and more of a familiar tune, the night was fun altogether.

The later the night got the more the music thrived and bounced around. During that time the crowd became more and more enthusiastic.

Another one of the people who had attended and brought the hype to the dance floor was a student named David Baker. He was seen in the crowd almost the entire time, dancing and cheering people on. David made the experience better with his performance and skill to help others confidence bring them into the crowd as well.

The community of Silver Creek were brought together happily by the winter formal and definitely had a night to remember thanks to the school staff and volunteers.