Yearbook: Taking Silver Creek Back to our Roots


Photo courtesy of Tessa Bantowsky

With the yearbook being finalized, Joylynn Boardman hands out the yearbooks throughout all of her classes.

With the school year coming to an end, Silver Creek High School’s yearbook committee is working hard to create a memorable yearbook that shows inclusivity throughout the school. With lots of planning and organization, they have been able to showcase many perspectives throughout the school which has created a unique and diverse yearbook, on sale now.

This year’s yearbook is focused on their theme “back to our roots”, which celebrates the first “normal” school year since the COVID-19 pandemic, including school sports such as football and basketball games as well as other big events such as homecoming that have been previously canceled. They are highlighting the fun parts of high school. Looking back at the yearbook near and during the pandemic, there was a lack of school spirit as well as school activities. By taking on the yearbook with a positive attitude, they are bringing back the old school spirit Silver Creek needs back.

Ruby Birmingham, one of the many seniors creating the yearbook, addresses how this goal is successfully completed.

“We spend classes taking pictures, getting quotes, and organizing the pages. I would say Fall is definitely the busiest month for yearbooks due to all the fall sports and school events going on like football games, homecoming, pep rallies etc” Birmingham says. “We work on the yearbook all the way up until the end of April and then we get them finalized, printed, and handed out!”

This class has been extremely committed to their roles the last few months including as much as they can to perfect the yearbook. Advised by Joylynn Boardman, English teacher and yearbook director, they have created a very organized setup for the upcoming yearbook.

Sophia Bandi, a senior in Yearbook, is determined to make the yearbook something everyone enjoys.

“Our main focus of this year’s yearbook was to really include as many people as we can,” Bandi says. “We want the yearbook to be something everyone can look back on and have memories of their own personal experience.”

The yearbook staff understands that everyone has a different high school experience. They want to highlight as many people in the community to truly reflect the “back to our roots” theme. With this dedication to create a welcoming environment, they hope to make this year’s yearbook extra impactful.

With special moments being shown to the rest of the school, as well as focusing on many different people, they are getting a lot of perspectives that change the way they view the school and the people around them.

Senior, Katie Bogdanova, has taken time to interview many different students to add some different perspectives throughout the yearbook.

“We are always interviewing students around the school to include the voices of as many students as we can!” Bogdonova says.

With this new focus, they are wrapping up one of the best yearbooks in the last couple of years. They hope to make a huge impact on all the students and staff. By bringing back the “normal” high school lifestyle, they are excited to print and send out the yearbook. They are ready and prepared to bring new life to the yearbook and allow a lot more inclusivity in this school year.