The Goodbye Orchestra Concert


Photo courtesy of Stephanie Dettlebach

Caryana Sims, Jayme Potter, Jared Dettlebach, and Ryan Courtney all play cello, while Ryan Holden, Molly Ellis, and Bridget Dermondy play the stand up base in this years final orchestra concert

At 7pm on May 11, the Silver Creek orchestra performed their final farewell concert, a symphonic and concert both performing an array of different pieces to leave the audience in awe.

The event was welcome for friends and family to come and watch. Or, for the average orchestra enjoyer, there will be an array of different pieces played throughout the concert, as well as the senior video, and presentation of letters. The function also holds pieces from duets as well as small ensemble.

The audition only Symphonic orchestra is doing ‘Idylls of Pegasus’ by Richard Meyer, which they performed back in the eighth grade.

Courtney Dowling, the orchestra director, has that years seniors to play a piece from the past, and are doing it as a remembrance and honor to their eighth grade year at their eighth grade farewell concert, as well as ‘Bluegrass Fiddle Frenzy’ by Bill Monroe, finally ‘Bob Phillips and Turtlewood Stomp’ by Matthew Gelfer.

There was also a senior feature which consisted of Ian Lenick, Nicholas Sellek, CJ Freeman, Augie Falbourn, Henry Barone, Zach Kaufman. They performed a Jazz piece called ‘All of Me’ by Gerald Marks and Seymour Simons. There were a variety of instruments like guitar, cello, trombone, drums, trumpet and guitar.

Concert orchestra, the non audition orchestra, played an array of different pieces, including ‘Orange Jam’ by Jeffery S. Bishop, which is a fast piece with unique dynamics, and others like ‘Coriolan Overture Op. 62’ by Ludwig Van Beethoven Arr. Jeremy Woolstenhulme. and the motion picture Highlights from ‘Moana’ by Larry Moore (feat. Colby Freeman, drums).

Avery Morrow & Adelle Scalf play a duet in G Major, Op. 4, No. 2 for Violin and Cello by J.F. Dotzauer. Claire Barbarow & Ernesto Escobar Abrego Waltz from Five Pieces for Two Violins by Dimitri Shostakovich.

Small aussables a student guided orchestra group also was featured and played Brandenburg Concerto No. 5, by J.S. Bach, arr. Lynne Latham

Katie Kelley, an audience member states that,

“ I really enjoyed the variety of music and pieces played in this concert, it was unique and had a very good flow, you could tell the work the kids put into it and it was memorable and fun to watch.” Kelley states

Its a widespread event and a bittersweet ending for the school year. The senior video showed the orchestra’s students as younger kids and shared wisdom they learned from the class. It was heartwarming and represents growth and development, it was very loved by the crowd.

As a finale, the symphonic band (audition only band) played along with a symphonic orchestra and played the motion picture soundtrack “How to Train your Dragon” by John Powell,. Sean O’Loughlin

There were also letter awards for students who participated in a multitude of events like bingo, fiddle group and other recreational orchestra activities.

Abigale Witt, a 9th grader who plays viola in concert orchestra states that

“This concert was very eye opening and it makes me really excited to move forward with orchestra, and go into symphonic there’s so many opportunities and it’s exciting.” Witt states

The concert also was very enjoyable to people who usually don’t enjoy orchestra. Vincent Netherton, an audience member and student here at Silver Creek explains that,

“ I don’t usually like orchestra concerts but I like how mixed it was, and a little bit less traditional, it was light hearted.” Netheton states

Overall the concert was a great experience and a great end to the year.