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Silver Creek High School Boys’ Soccer Team: A Journey to Success

Boco Preps- Brent W. New
Aris Lindquist striking the ball courtesy of Boco Preps photographer Brent W. New.

As the fall season unfolds, the Silver Creek High School boys’ soccer team has been making waves on the pitch, and the buzz around their potential success is undeniable.

With a current record of 7 wins, 0 losses, and 2 draws, the team’s journey towards becoming state champions is gaining momentum. To speak with some key figures involved with the team, including players, coaches, and spectators to get insights into their remarkable season and prospects for the future.

David Bonday, the Silver Creek resource officer during the day, boys and girls soccer coach by night, shared his perspective on the season’s best aspects. “Watching them grow into a state champion-like team has been incredible,” said the dedicated coach of the team.

The transformation of the players, from the start of the season to now, is clearly evident in their record. Hard work, teamwork, and a growing belief in themselves have been the driving behind their success.

As for the upcoming playoffs, Bonday exudes confidence. “If we continue to grow and build as we are, we can easily make the playoffs, and we have a really good shot at winning state.” With a strong foundation and determination, the team is setting their sights high.

Aris Lindquist, a key defender on the team, shared his personal journey this season. “I have been playing really well, and it’s been a lot of fun.” Lindquist has been a consistent presence on the field, save for one game due to a red card. However, his return has seen the team regain their winning form.

Team chemistry is essential for any successful soccer team. Lindquist attests to their strong bonds. “There is good chemistry because we all knew each other before, and they’re all really friendly,” he explained. This camaraderie extends to the freshman players, dispelling any notion of division within the team.

The coaching staff plays a pivotal role in the team’s development and Lindquist is appreciative of their impact.

“The coaching is great,”He says, reflecting well on the successful season. “They build us up to the best of our capabilities and have helped us achieve our goals.”

When asked about the team captains, Aris had nothing but praise. The leadership within the team is evidently strong and contributes to their success. “I love my captains, Ryder is a great captain, Fab is a great captain, and Kael is a great captain.” Lindquist claims.

As for their season goals, Aris keeps it simple: “Just win as many games as possible and hopefully go far in state.” He acknowledges the challenges that lie ahead but remains optimistic about their chances.

Finally, Evy Deaton, a senior at Silver Creek and passionate soccer fan and former Silver Creek women’s soccer player shared her insights into the team’s playing style.

“They do really well building out of the back and are good at connecting passes and driving towards the defense on a counter-attack,” she noted. This tactical prowess on the field is a testament to the team’s dedication and hard work.

Evy’s presence at Silver Creek games reflects her love for the sport. “I enjoy watching soccer and seeing the boys crush the other teams,” says Deaton. The electrifying energy both on the pitch and on the sidelines is a witness to the team’s appeal to fans like her.

Regarding their potential success this season, Deaton is optimistic. “I think they are destined for greatness and will do a great job! Go Raptors!” Her enthusiasm echoes the sentiments of many fans who believe this team has what it takes to go far in the playoffs.

The Silver Creek High School boys’ soccer team is on an exciting journey this season. Their dedication, teamwork, and belief in themselves are driving them towards potential state championship glory. With the support of their dedicated fans and strong team chemistry, the Raptors are certainly a team to watch on their quest for success!

The next game to watch is against Thompson Valley on October 26, 2023 and it’s their first playoffs match. While the next matchups depend on playoff schedules, make sure to be there to support our Boys Raptors.

Go Creek!

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