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Is School Spirit Important?

Photo curtsey of Josie Starks
Silver Creek Varsity Cheer Team at the Homecoming Game

The tradition of school colors, Friday night football games, Homecoming, and Prom all make up a part of the high school experience. All of these great events need one thing- School Spirit!

“WHEN I SAY SILVER YOU SAY CREEK!”- One of the chants that Silver Creek High School students cheer to show their school spirit, enthusiasm, and support for our school. Is school spirit important though? How does it affect our students and athletes?

Showing up to support our athletes encourages and pushes them. It is crucial to have people cheering you on. Varsity cheerleader and Sophomore Savanna Heasley says “ It shows how important our athletes are to us … it shows them how much we value and support them.”

When athletes feel the excitement from their peers, it can elevate their performance on the field or court. It creates a sense of pride and responsibility in representing their school through sports.

The excitement and enthusiasm that comes from school spirit events, pep rallies, and games creates an atmosphere where students are more likely to thrive, not just socially, but academically.

Sophomore student-athlete, Josh Solis said “It’s not even like you have to deck out for the games or spirit week, just showing up to the game to show your support makes a big difference. ”Research has shown that students with school spirit do more than support their school; they perform better academically, are more socially engaged, and enjoy being at school more.

Students can also look forward to going to games to see friends and in return, support Silver Creeks student athletes. Varsity Volleyball Coach Sarah Stevelinck said “It brings a lot of people together…it creates a good environment for people to be in”

School spirit can help students feel more connected to their school and peers. It can help encourage students to come to school because they feel like they belong and are a part of a community.

Instilling a sense of pride, when students feel proud in their school they are more likely to strive for excellence and uphold the values and standards of the school.

Overall creating a positive and supportive environment that encourages teamwork, and celebrates achievements. Silver Creek is working towards a positive impact on student-athletes and pride in their efforts.

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