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Get out and Get Raising!

Photo Courtesy of Carrie Adams
Silver Creek High School hosting the SCLA Expo with In N Out Burger while raising funds for multiple organizations in the community.

Who doesn’t enjoy getting together with friends, and grabbing a bite to eat while raising the funds for fun engaging activities to happen within their community.

Fundraisers are an amazing way to engage students and staff along with parents in the community of schools and help them to not only get together at the event but to raise some money for the students, sports, and plenty more activities that make school fun.

Silver Creek High School has had the privilege to host some amazing fundraisers in the past to raise money for the school’s athletic department, along with other departments, to make Silver Creek a fun and engaging place for students and parents.

Silver Creek’s specific fundraising is called “Dining for Dollars” where the president of the Silver Creek Education Foundation (SCEF) Riki Frea and co-companion Wyn Schulz have been planning these fundraisers for the school year to raise money.

There are three different parent groups at Silver Creek who are a part of the community. The three groups, RABC [Raptors Athletics Booster Club], Silver Creek Education Foundation [SCEF], and Silver Creek Organization for Performing Arts [SCOPA] have all been working together to engage within the community. Starting last year, they began to do the Dining for Dollars as a joint effort to support the school. The goal was to do something that was more collaborative and show how all of our groups can work together to support the whole school.

Dining for Dollars is an easy way to work together, and raise money while minimizing the ask of the community.

“I look at it as a three way win for so many groups because you’re also supporting local restaurants, supporting the community (Longmont) as a whole, and it’s also an opportunity for the Silver Creek community to come together and all while we raise funds.” says Frea, President of SCEF.

The proceeds of these fundraisers go to support all of the parent groups, teachers, students so it’s very collaborative and very community focused. This is also something that students can do on their own to also support Silver Creek parent groups because “…students are going out to eat all the time and most of the restaurants that we do this at are student favorites.” says Frea.

Some events are all day long so it can be a great option for the students who leave for lunch.

Wyn Schulz is the one behind organizing all of these incredible events at restaurants and loves getting to be a part of the community while also giving back.

“What I like about it is that I can work with different organizations too. There’s so much for me that I see as to get better and I love that this program supports just making the whole Silver Creek community better.” says Schulz.

Silver Creeks most recent fundraiser, hosted by In N Out, showed lots of support and love throughout the school.

“We had great sales, tons of people, the flow was a little tricky but altogether the sales were incredible..” says Schulz.

Students and parents loved that In N Out was right here at the school and got to help proceed with the funding.

“The In N Out fundraiser gave me a chance to support my school and have good food also at an event that I was working at [the expo]” says Ronan Frazier, Sophomore at Silver Creek High School

There are going to be plenty of more fundraisers and opportunities throughout the year for students to grab a quick bite with their friends and family to support the school.

The fundraising dates are posted on the Silver Creek weekly newsletter that comes out every week through email, and announcements will be made.

Make sure to mark your calendars, listen to announcements, and support Silver Creek High School!

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Madison Sales is a Freshman at Silver Creek High School. This is her first year in Journalism. She enjoys spending time with family, hanging out with friends, being with her animals, and baking. She is excited to become a journalist and learn how to write articles.

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  • R

    ronanNov 17, 2023 at 3:28 pm

    food looks. yummy!!

  • S

    Stephanie DrakeNov 8, 2023 at 10:00 pm

    Maddie, I like how you’ve highlighted some of the incredible parent groups and efforts within the SCHS community !

    • M

      Maddie SalesNov 9, 2023 at 9:45 am

      Thank you and thank you for reading my article!

      I miss you so much!