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Season-Ending Injury of SCHS Football Player

Riley Williamson
Silver Creek Junior, Wyatt Essig

Wyatt Essig, a Junior at Silver Creek High School, plays defense for the Raptor’s football team. On August, 31 during a home game, Essig made a run play, which was blocked by pulling guard, resulting in an AC separation (Acute Traumatic Acromioclavicular Separation).

After being brought to the ER, he was informed that it was AC separation type three and he would no longer be playing defense until his senior year. Essig was devastated from the news and has taken on a new mental challenge to come back harder for his senior year season.

Brain McGee, Head Coach of the SCHS football team says “Unfortunately… one of the injuries that we see more often than I like,”

Mcgee explained defensive players coming forward to perform a tackle, stopping their feet when the ball carrier moves. They reach with their arms and catch with their arm instead of their bodies. The force created pulls back through their arm to their shoulder. Poor tackling technique can be the root of issues like this on the field.

“When Wyatt first got hurt I was sad… to [lose] a close teammate,” said Ryder Gafner, a sophomore at SCHS.

Gafner is a linebacker for the football team and a close friend of Essig. Teammates on the football team have felt the loss of presence. Ryder had been there with Essig. He has strong hopes for his teammate to come back next season.

“Wyatt was a big part of the team,” Gafner states.
“Wyatt had been in, really getting reps for about one game,” Coach Mcgee said.
Wyatt showed promise being able to step in and play outside backer position. He would’ve given us the ability to move people around and give breaks, along with the last several games he would’ve given us another player that plays physical defense. “Athletic kid” “physical not afraid of contact” McGee says. Essig goes to every game to support the team on the sideline.
“When the injury first happened I had little to no range of motion the slightest bit of movement would hurt,” Essig states.
During Essig’s recovery,going to the gym was the most important part of his journey. He explained that once it was clear he wasn’t going to play so he focused on working out until the next season. His recovery wasn’t going to stop him from coming back for senior year bigger and stronger. The thought of playing this season has been fearful because if he plays the recovery process could have to start over.
“I’ve been good… obviously I’m able to work out… just able to carry on normally,” Essig says.
Wyatt has gone through physical therapy. His collarbone is permanently scarred and visibly won’t disappear. Along with working out most time and doing recovery, he is excited to play. His main mental challenge is, to join the team for the end of the season he is at risk to re-harm his shoulder again. Essig is confident to play next year and prove himself to the SCHS football team.

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