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Will Silver Creek Football Go All The Way

The Silver Creek football team has had a rough start to the season, losing their first three games and only winning one, but that one win does not come without notice. It was Creeks homecoming game against Boulder High School.

After the game, the student section rushed to the field and congratulated the team on their victory. Coming off of this win the team’s energy level is high and ready to keep winning, as the season progresses they hope to have more games with a similar outcome.

It’s been a while since the team has been winning and students haven’t ever seen the team at the top of its game, and this would be game-changing for the school.
We all hope for the team to make it to state, the whole school will be affected by this for the better. It would make the school happy and feel proud to have a state-winning team. It would show that we are all Raptors.

The players have been working hard every day to get a chance to go to state, they have been practicing and working to get better.

Michael Fritita, a junior on the football team, has big hopes for the team. “I think we can make it to state, but to get to state we have to make it to the playoffs first and that is my first goal. The team will need a few things to improve, to get to the playoffs we will need to focus up and start playing as a team.”

Once these things happen, we all hope that the football team can make it to state and make 2023 the winning year. Coaches have also been working hard with the team to get them to the best of their abilities.

Coach Blair is one of the coaches of the Silver Creek football team. He thinks that the team has what it takes to make it to the playoffs

“…all of the remaining games in the season are winnable”. Blair says.

The team can improve. A few things Blair thinks they should do are; “the team is very skilled and talented, but we can improve by knowing this is a team sport and to win we need to play as one not individually, 11 guys 11 jobs to make a team.”

His favorite part of coaching is when he coaches the C team, “C team is fun to coach and my favorite because a lot of the kids have never played football before, let alone tackle football,” said Coach Blair, “And helping them learn is my favorite part of coaching”.

Blair got into football “at a young age and never stopped playing/coaching since, I started coaching when I was in college and a friend invited me to the job and I took it so that’s how I started coaching, I started football when I was younger because I got kicked off the cheerleading team and my mom made me do something athletic so I chose football and that’s how it all started”.

There are a lot of people who enjoy watching the team thrive but some don’t have the same thoughts and they are not as positive about the team

In an interview with Brody Simpson, a freshman, he had different opinions about the team. “I don’t think that the team has what it takes to win state, the team does not have enough passion or commitment to the team or sport to win”.

Even despite these struggles, Simpson still finds the games and attending them a fun and great experience, “I do enjoy attending the games, the energy and school spirit they have at the games make the atmosphere very fun.”

Simpson says that ways to get more involved, “I also think that to make the school better at getting more people to participate they will have to advertise the events more, they should also try and reach out to more people to get a higher variety of people attending”.

The team finally hopes to have a chance at winning the state. With them working as hard as they are they just might have a chance, but it’s all about the team working together to get to a good season.

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