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The School Library is Essential!

Photo Courtesy of Munich Hemaluckpairoj
Silver Creek High School library is a great place students need to check out.

You may think the library is a place only for books, but the school library is so much more than a book collection or an information center. It is one of the great places where everyone can enjoy their own time and take advantage of the many resources offered. The library offers students various purposes such as studying, working on a group project, or checking out books!

Tina Fredo and Kristin Holtz, the school librarians at Silver Creek, are trying to be welcoming and friendly for everybody so just don’t be afraid to go and have a great time there.

The school library provides plenty of databases, resources, and equipment that students can use conveniently. This means it gives students access to a variety of learning options.

“Some [students] come to use the green screen to make the video group project. We have podcasting equipment so they can do that.” Tina Fredo, one of the librarians, said.

Students are also allowed to go there when they don’t have a great day.

“Sometimes they come to the [library] because they have a bad day and just don’t wanna be in a noisy hallway.” Fredo said.

A student at Silver Creek High School, Josephine Nguyen, shared her view on how the librarians help her with lots of things. There is a coffee cart that has several hot drinks that students are able to check out during the school day as well.

“I think the school library is kinda like the center of the upper-level part of the school. I also feel that school librarians help me with more learning opportunities because they help me with the book recommendations and research papers.” Josephine Nguyen, a junior, said. “You have to go there and do your work quietly but also go to the coffee cart because it helps support the school and the coffee and latte are pretty good.”

Kristin Holtz, the librarian, shared her view on how students use the library advantageously. The school library plays a role in many student’s lives and Knowing how to use the library instills responsibility

“I would say put distractions away and try to use your time effectively.” Holtz said. “Give yourself an adequate break but also come with the mindset to get something done.”

Holtz continued talking about how fun it is for her to work with students and books. She is having the best time doing her job as a school librarian.

“My favorite thing is to help students find books that they might like. There are a lot of people who say they don’t like reading and in English classes, they have to pick a book to read and so I love the challenge of trying to help students find a book that they will enjoy.” Holtz said.

Moreover, school librarians are always there welcoming the students with open arms. Most of the time, they are the ones who provide support for students.

“We do get a lot of questions and that is fine. I mean the library is an information center so we wanna be able to answer as many of those questions as we can.” Holtz said.

“Librarians in the old days are kinda like the Google of today.” Fredo said. “It’s a fun challenge.”

The library truly plays a huge role in students’ lives. The library is important to help these students get access to free educational resources and build communities. People come to the library not only for information but also to find themselves.

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Munich Hemaluckpairoj
Munich Hemaluckpairoj, Staff Writer

Munich is an exchange student who comes from Thailand. Munich is currently doing her junior year at Silver Creek High school. This is her first time coming to the US and taking Journalism. She decided to take Journalism because she wants to apply to Communication Arts for the college and improve her writing skills. She will be here for a school year. She is also looking forward to making new friends. 

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  • N

    NiaNov 17, 2023 at 3:31 pm

    I love this article! It immediately caught my attention and kept me hooked! You also wrapped up the article really well! I use the library a lot more too now!

  • B

    BenNov 17, 2023 at 3:29 pm

    I really enjoyed this article! You have a great writing voice!

  • D

    Drew HeathNov 17, 2023 at 3:27 pm

    I love how you make the Library friendly!! Makes me want to stop by and say Hi or study there!