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Who Has The Best Energy Infusion in Longmont?

A new addiction is taking over the teenage population: caffeine. Students are flocking to nearby coffee shops and gas stations trying to get their fix for the day. As a response to the new epidemic, coffee shops are coming out with new products in order to fill demands: using energy drinks in their shops.

Coffee only has 95 milligrams of caffeine, which doesn’t meet the caffeine content these kids crave. To meet consumer’s requests, they are releasing energy drink beverages. Although teenagers aren’t necessarily picky when it comes to their caffeine intake, there is a hidden hierarchy that should be exposed.

Three coffee shops in Longmont CO have joined this trend: Ziggi’s, Scooter’s, and Dutch Bros. While they have all released practically the same product, each has distinct strengths and weaknesses. The most common beverage across all three locations is their blue raspberry and lime combination. That drink will be the one used to compare the three shops.

Ziggi’s, founded in 2004, has a menu that features a wide variety of items. Their energy infusion menu, which is energy drinks combined with flavoring syrups, includes twelve distinct flavors along with a ‘create your own’ option. Ziggi’s sizes come in four options that range between 12 to 32 oz.

Their medium “Limelight” came in a 24 oz cup for $6.14. The drink had a very even ratio between blue raspberry and lime syrup. This rendition wasn’t overly sweet but it did feature the signature energy drink taste of artificial flavoring and chemicals. As expected by the flavors, the drink had a somewhat sour taste but it wasn’t overpowering. Ziggi’s also is the most easily accessible coffee place in Longmont as there are three located throughout the city. The Ziggi’s app also makes it easier to order ahead and pay through your phone.

Scooter’s, founded in 1998, only has one shop in Longmont, located on North Main Street. Scooter’s menu includes four unique energy infusion flavors. Compared to the other two coffee shops included, Scooter’s has the most limited menu and the most limited size options, only ranging between 16 and 24 oz.

The “Scooot!” Energy Infusion was $6.69 for 20 oz. The blue raspberry flavor didn’t have lime which might have been the reason for its overly sweet taste. It was very reminiscent of a Pixy Stick. Aside from the cavity-causing taste, the high price for a much smaller size doesn’t seem reasonable. Although they don’t have many locations, the drive-thru was decently accessible.

The last of the three drink shops, Dutch Bros’, has something for everyone. Their energy infusion menu alone has almost forty unique drink options and a size range of 10 to 32 oz. A medium is $7.25 for 24 oz. It’s by far the location with the least accessible ordering process. The drive-thru is directly off Main Street and doesn’t have an ordering speaker. The only way to order is inside the building or at the window, the app also doesn’t have an order ahead feature. The actual drink itself had a strong lack of the blue raspberry flavor and almost immediately got watered down the ice. It was disappointing for the price point.

By far, Ziggi’s had the most affordable, accessible, and best-tasting energy infusion. If their flavors aren’t appealing you can always create your own. Already, Ziggi’s is one of the more popular coffee shops in Longmont but their new energy infusion menu will help boost their positive public perception.

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