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Rethinking October 4th: Why Silver Creek High School Should Prioritize Late Starts Over Student Count Days”

Morgan Huff
Senior Nick Horvath is being put to work and feels as if he should be resting.

Every year, Silver Creek High School students go to sleep Tuesday night, thinking that the first Wednesday of October is a late start, only to wake up and realize it’s not. However, unlike every other first Wednesday of each month, October 4 is often an exception, resulting in a regular, full-length school day. The reason behind this discrepancy is the district’s student count day. Students and schools benefit greatly from having late start, with more sleep and better attendance, October is no exception.

One of the primary reasons for instituting late start days on the first Wednesday of each month is to improve student attendance. Late starts allow students to get the extra sleep they need, reducing absences caused by exhaustion or undersleeping.

Implementing this practice consistently has shown contribution to a healthier attendance record. According to U.S. “When school starts later, “mood, academics, attendance and graduation rates all improve.” For instance, one study by the National Sleep Foundation found that both attendance and graduation rates “’significantly improved’ in schools that delayed their start times”

Proving how a late start is beneficial, senior student Nick Horvath claims, “I believe that when I get at least one day to sleep in, being late or absent doesn’t happen as much for me.”

Late start days provide a valuable opportunity for students to recharge their mental batteries. The demanding academic environment of high school can often lead to stress and burnout.

Silver Creek High School 12 grader Evy Deaton claims “I love sleep, sleep helps me get through school. Oftentimes I feel like just one day to sleep in when I am burnt helps me withstand that urge to miss school for my mental health.”

October 4 should be no exception; students deserve a chance to alleviate stress and promote their mental well-being.

The late day also benefits the teachers. Our lovely Spanish teacher Ana-Laura Menchaca claimed, “I believe that it’s beneficial for the students especially because they need those hours of rest, and it helps us teachers because we get a day to meet and organize and get professional help.”

She can see the positives in having it once a month for their own well being and organization. Skipping it for student count is detrimental to the teacher organization and professionalism.

October 4, the first Wednesday of October, holds the potential to be a day that truly benefits students at Silver Creek High School. By making it a late start day, the school can prioritize both attendance and student mental health for the rest of the month. Starting off the month this way would contribute to higher attendance rates and foster a healthier, more focused student body for the entirety of the month.

It’s time to rethink the importance of October 4 late start and align it with the well-being of students, ensuring that they have the opportunity to start their day later and feel more prepared and mentally resilient throughout the school year.

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Morgan Huff
Morgan Huff, Staff Writer

Morgan Huff is a senior at Silver Creek High school and first year writer for the Talon Tribute. She decided to join journalism because she wanted to engage with members of the Raptor community. She also wants first hand experience in journalism to see if it is a potential career choice. Huff finds joy in many things such as soccer, skiing, friends and reading. She played for the Silver Creek Women’s Varsity soccer team. She looks forward to writing about other’s passions!

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