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Review About the New Track


Over the summer of 2023, Silver Creek High School re-built its track and field. The field has the standard St. Vrain Valley School District (SVVSD) logo. It also includes a football field, with numbers every ten yards going down the field on both sides. Also it includes a soccer field. The new track, a standard 400 meters, has been built with two top layers. With new jump areas and a full track, it got a complete remodel. Some students may wonder why the school needed a new track.

Running tracks need to be replaced every 20-30 years, so this replacement was just on time because the track hasn’t been rebuilt since the school was built in 2001. The new track is bouncy, clean, and has very fresh paint lines. The track has two layers making it extra bouncy. The construction company did this by accident because the lines were originally painted in the wrong way. The company knew this because the starlet is where it’s supposed to be now. The lines were rotated a whole 200 meters. The construction company couldn’t repaint the lines so they had to put an extra top layer on and then repaint the lines.

The track being bouncy is a good thing for many. It’s a beneficial thing because it means training will be easier but could lead to slower run times. This is because when the track is extra bouncy, a runner puts pressure on the track. The softer the track is, the more it will go down when you stride, causing you to take longer strides.
The setting that the track is on is very beautiful, being placed in front of the rocky mountains. This makes the whole experience more well-rounded. There are also many places for people to run for warmups/cooldowns with a park nearby and even a bike/walk path.

With a new track that means it is very clean. The track looks very pleasing when clean, giving it a more “professional” look. The fresh lines are nice because they give the track a delightful appearance. The track is great for workous and a lot of people are thrilled to use the new track for the upcoming track and field season. Last season when the track was being built, the Silver Creek runners held practice at Longmont High School. Hopefully, this season will be promising with the brand new track.

The track is very nice to run on and has many other great aspects about it. The spring is great for training and it will be less injury-prone. The new field is a nice addition making the track look aesthetically pleasing. It’s also a good step because, with a new field, we might get some bleachers in the future!

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Ronan Frazier
Ronan Frazier, Staff Writer
Ronan Frazier is a sophomore at Silver Creek High School. He has not taken journalism before. He took this class to improve his writing skills and be more active in the student body. He runs with the Silver Creek cross country team. When he isn’t running or at school, he is probably at work. He works at a retirement home called Alta vita. Lastly Ronan is in SCLA So when he is not working, he is volunteering.

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