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The Obscure Life of Theatre: Behind the Scenes

Photo courtesy of Skye Kilmer
A flyer For Silver Creek High’s newest Play “Game of Tiaras.”

The Life of Theatre

The behind-the-scenes of a play seemingly doesn’t cross the audience’s mind until after a showing. The path of theater is a twisting turn of fun and adventure for most students of Silver Creek High School. This year’s fall play for Silver Creek is “Game of Tiaras.”

A participant of Silver Creek High School’s Theater program, Gavin McIntirehe, shares his points on the general overview of the Silver Creek theater meetings, like the fact that they have during their practice weeks, “For the First month, it’s something like maybe an hour a day or less”

Theater is a fun but hard schedule to stay on due to the rigorous time commitments that the students in theater participate in.

McIntirehe establishes his positive outlook on the hours participated in early parts of Silver Creek’s new play, ‘Game of Tiaras’, “But as you get closer [preforming the play], it’s about 5:30 to 6:00 after school…” Gavin adds.

As for the advisor and director of Silver Creek High theater, she’s a fun but rigorous participant, as well as a guardian of theater, Tracy Knick is a wonderous person to know, and the French teacher at Silver Creek.

As of late, Knick is currently working on the newest play with her student participants, making sure her students know the requirements.

Knick comments on student theater participation; “One of the things we are trying to get to for the theater at Silver Creek is not just have students do the work , in terms of what it takes to just get the show on , but for [the students] to be a part of the creative process.”

Showing that to be truly a part of Silver Creek High School’s theater, you must first be there for not only time but truly be engaged. Not all students may have as strong an outlook as others who have been in theater but still give it the shot it’s worth.
Providing an outside viewpoint while not being fully in theater, Maddie Sales still reviews the topic of theater as a positive thing, while still being an active participant of Silver Creek High.

A student of Silver Creek, who also hasn’t yet been a part of the theater, Maddie comments: “I think theater is cool, I personally haven’t been involved in it and I haven’t seen any plays but I have friends in it and I see the amount of effort they put in.”

The life of theater, though not for everyone, still has a home in the hearts of Silver Creek High School. Helping the students of Silver Creek feel more welcome as they continue their studies for High School.

With Silver Creek theater still being positively reviewed by the students of Silver Creek High, it proves theater could be a twisting turn of positive interactions involving those behind-the-scenes moments, giving memories that leave a great impression of the students of Silver Creek high.

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