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Ceramics Club

Photo courtesy of T Lyndon
A bowl made by T Lyndon in Ceramics Club

The smell of clay, the floors constantly coated in a thin layer of clay dust, and the wheels whirring in the background. On Thursday afternoons, this art classroom is transformed into the Silver Creek High School Ceramics Club. From a wide range of beginners to advanced, many people congregate with different causes but are all brought together by one thing; clay.

The Ceramics Club welcomes anyone from any learning background. Jeremy Tropman, an art teacher and founder of the Ceramics Club, talked about one of the main pros of the Ceramics Club, saying

“It’s an opportunity, a door that’s open to people and it’s up to them if they want to walk through.”

It is an opportunity for anyone and everyone attending the school, and its participants were originally limited to only teachers but has now evolved into a combined club for both teachers and students with the help of T Lyndon, the president of the Ceramics Club.

Tropman provided input on this unique teacher and student combination, commenting that “It is cool to see students teaching the staff.”

Many of the students participating in Ceramics Club also take a ceramics course that is exclusively for students. However, with the variety in the club, a large number of members haven’t. Tyler DeMatio, a student and beginner ceramicist is one of these members who has never taken a ceramics course at Creek.

DeMatio stated, “Clay is cool, also who hasn’t wanted to make a pot and other things if pots aren’t your thing.”

Even though this is DeMatio’s first experience with clay, he has received assistance from many different club members and has been able to learn many different basic skills. Taking a course is not needed to be able to create.

Joining a club can be a scary experience.

Molly Newton, a student teacher and member of the Ceramics Club was asked if she would recommend the Ceramics Club to others and responded, “ Yes because it’s a very fun and social, very lively way to spend your afternoon.”

Whether you are looking to make friends, have some fun, or even make a pot, ceramics club has it all covered.

With all this information, one might be wondering how to join? DeMatio provided insight on this, “Just show up and follow the Instagram (@schscermicsclub) for updates”.

While joining a new club can be scary, but with the welcoming nature and desire to create ceramics, the club strives to be a welcoming and positive environment for everyone.

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