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Understanding Global Learning With the International Club

Gina Cianciola
International Club Students (left to right) Devin Bransen, Avery McKenzie, and Kealey Quinn make masks to celebrate Mardi Gras with the International Club in February.

In October, the library at Silver Creek High School was filled with students getting their faces painted, eating snacks, and watching a movie. These students were exploring different cultures and celebrations with the International Club here at Silver Creek for Día De Los Muertos.

The International Club was founded this year by Gina Cianciola, a Spanish teacher, and Tracy Knick, a French teacher. The club is also led by students Eden Rutledge and Anna Mojzsis, who are the co-presidents of the club. The club explores different cultures through food, activities, and celebrations to encourage global learning.

Community is found all around the world, and that is no different at Silver Creek. The International Club wants all students to be welcome and have fun together through the experience of the Day of the Dead, Mardi Gras, and other celebrations. The celebration of Día De Los Muertos happens every first and second of November. It is the celebration of family members who have passed away through altars, skulls, and food.

“[The club] gives some students a place where they know they can always go after school,” Rutledge states. “They know they can look forward to it and know there’s a community where they’re welcome.”

Connecting with others through the International Club builds a like-minded community of individuals who want to learn and appreciate the different cultures around them.

“It teaches people about cultures, it makes them be able to connect with others on a deeper level,” Rutledge said.

Learning about others can build relationships and inspire exploration to fully understand other people and their cultures.

“I think it is just the educational piece, providing people with that information,” Cianciola said. “If they want to go out and explore some more, or participate in some of the things that are off campus,”

Celebrations are sometimes key to understanding cultures. They tie in food, dances, languages and traditions into an important event. The International Club likes to tie their meetings and events into different global celebrations to further learn about various cultures.

“Depending on when the meeting falls, if there’s a celebration that is particularly key to a culture, then we’re able to bring that and have those discussions to expand their view of the world,” Knick said.

Within the first year of the International Club, they have celebrated many events from different cultures, and now they are hoping to host even more authentic events. The International Club talks and explores other cultures through activities, but they hope that with the help of foreign exchange students, they can better understand those cultures.

“Rather than us telling them our limited experience, perhaps, with the exchange students involved and hearing their voices to share part of their heritage with our students who are interested in the broader world,” Knick says.

Through activities, events, and so much more, the International Club strives to educate the students of Silver Creek about other cultures to form better connections throughout life. Their meetings take place after school on Fridays each month and have snacks and activities for those who join.

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