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Review: Godzilla x Kong the New Empire

solbat from goodfon
This a fair-use image from Goodfon that was created in 2013 by Soolbat. It is Godzilla in the background with red buildings

Time for another monster bash on the big screen: the fifth installment into the Legendary Monsterverse. Legendary signed a contract with Toho to make the Monsterverse movies that follow characters in “Godzilla”(2014) and “Kong Skull Island” (2017).
The newest installment into the franchise is called “Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire,” which focuses on the exploration of the Hollow Earth that was introduced in the “Godzilla Versus Kong” movie.
“Godzilla x Kong: the New Empire” takes place 10 years after “Godzilla and Kong”, in which Godzilla enhances the surface and Kong enhances the Hollow Earth. The plot focuses on Godzilla being the protector of the Earth and follows him as he kills many enemies that are on the surface. The underside of the Hollow Earth follows Kong looking for more of his family in the Hollow Earth. A war is coming between Kong and the Skar King. Will he come out on top?
“Godzilla x Kong: the New Empire” feels like it is unfocused and doesn’t have a goal in mind. The original “Godzilla” which came out in 2014, introduced scale and perspective to the movies and the idea that humans can’t defeat the monsters. Godzilla King of the Monsters (2019) focused on the story of Gidorah and the other Titans that exist within the world. “Godzilla x Kong: the New Empire” doesn’t feel to have any focus on the progression of the story or adding to it. This movie feels like a videogame with way too many fight scenes and no idea of beginning with the end in mind.
The ending should be a good wrap to a story. This ending felt super rushed, after starting the boss fight it took 5-10 minutes for it to finish after one hour of fighting. This seems to be the same for “Ghostbuster The Frozen Empire”, the ending was very anti-climatic and very short right after the climax.
The movie is worth the watch, but does deserve the harsh critic rating that it has received on Rotten Tomatoes and IMBD which average a score of 59%. The fight scenes are well done. The cinematography is very well thought out, but don’t expect the next great movie from this studio as it is more like a smash-up film

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Mark Raehal, Staff Writer
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