The Impact of Social Media


Janu Shrestha

On a daily basis, Niwot High School student Anika Nagpal scrolls through and switches through her social media apps during various times throughout her day.

Janu Shrestha, Staff Writer

The first thing when people wake up is to usually roll over towards their phone and open up any social media apps. With millions of users around the globe, social media has crept into nearly every aspect of peoples’ lives and has impacted them in many spanning ways. Knowing how media networks have affected individuals is crucial in this modern society and people must know how to be responsible in these networks because it can change many lives from many viewpoints.

Social media exposes users to a range of new ideas, opinions, topics of which they love, their favorite celebrities, and many more; however, these exposures can also take a toll on people. The platforms created on social media can be used for great reasons but people must be wary and cautious of information they see.

In a world that is one tap away, there can be issues such as cyberbullying, false news, and many other misuses.

“Social media is a good thing but it can also be a bad influence as well. A lot of people express themselves on social media which can lead to being victims of harassment, and also seeing others or other topics on these networks can also impact their lives negatively in many aspects,” Ishani Shrestha said. “So it is very important to be responsible and know that information found on social media platforms can be false and changed in ways that are not possible in real life.”

On all social media platforms, there can be false information being fed to users such as in the topic of body images. On these platforms, society has created beauty ideals that set out unrealistic expectations for people—especially teenagers. This can result in low self-esteem and low confidence which can negatively influence individuals’ daily lives.

“While there are really great things on social media, like staying connected with friends and sharing updates, it can also be very destructive and negatively impact one’s self-esteem, confidence, and attitude.” Silver Creek High School teacher Ms.Drake said. “Be your authentic self on social media and do not compare yourself to others!”

As technology advances, people can be closer to their loved ones even when there are thousands of miles between them. Family and friends are just one call or one message away.

Even though social media is a place to be cautious, people can connect with each other on media networks and can also connect with their interests and follow on topics that fascinate them. This brings them closer to the ideas they adore and the passions they love.

“Social media allows me to check in with everyone in different parts of the world and still feel like they are a part of my life (even from a distance).” Ms.Drake stated. “I also use social media to learn about my interests and passions. I have joined a few groups and can post questions or updates as they occur.”

Various perspectives, opinions, and beliefs are shared among people on social media which gives many insights that can impact people’s lives and change previous perspectives.

“Social media gives me a new perspective on certain topics and some of which I did not know prior because it shows people’s opinions and things they have found out for themselves.” Silver Creek High School student, Ella Grabham stated.

Even though social media has negative traits, it can also be a positive thing. There are many people out there sharing and creating many things that inspire and uplift others in contrast to the hateful community on social media.

There are many organizations that aim to better the world and to get their message out, they use social networks to reach more people. Attracting younger generations, social media has also been a place where they have a voice to inform others what is happening around the community and the world and how they can change it for a higher chance at a greater future.

Ms.Drake said, “The younger generations can use their social media platforms for activism and to share their passions. This is really inspiring and exciting!”

Social media users ranging from all around the world need to form habits in order to balance their time outside of the social media society.

Managing time away from social media gives people opportunities to find other passions, connect with their own life and people around them. Although–as stated above–social media can be beneficial and positive for many people, but there are negatives to it as well so it is important to lean away from the media and spend it in the real world to not hurt one’s own self and values.

Several tips to manage usage habits include setting a schedule to balance a life involved in social media and a life outside of it, setting up a timer on your phone, going outside, performing tasks that amuse you, and so on. Having a distance from social media allows people to focus on many more things that life offers.

With its balance of negatives and positives, social media affects each and everyone who uses it. It is a place which allows people to be connected and closer with their loved ones, allows people to express themselves, and also can bring change; however, people need to be careful of what they see, how much time they spend on it, and to be responsible for what they do since it can affect one’s mental health, emotional insecurities, and so forth.