Kyle Walker’s New Skate Shoes Hits The Stores


Megan Sotiroff

Holden Soolsoff skateboarding in Kyle Walker Pro 2’s on November 19th 2020.

Megan Sotiroff, Staff Writer

Kyle Walker, a sponsored skater from Oklahoma City, was named skater of the year by Thrasher, a company that publishes magazines that highlights and sponsors excellent skaters around the world, in 2016. He is sponsored by Vans and worked hard to develop and sell his first shoe in 2015. Recently, he has worked to create a new and improved skate shoe that was released all across the United States on July 30th, 2020 called the Kyle Walker Pro 2. This shoe is specifically for skateboarding with lots of endurance and cushion.

The Pro 2 were made specifically for flat ground trick endurance as well as landing cushion. The shoe has a thick, rubber tongue going all the way around the shoe so it won’t rip as easily. The shoe is also made of suede which is a fabric that doesn’t tear as easily as canvas. When it comes to impact, the shoe has lots of cushion to lessen the drop. Most of the shoe insole is focused on the heel which is where most of the impact goes. The inside of the shoe has lots of cushion to keep the foot in place and comfortable. The bottom of the shoes have a signature vans rubber waffle cone pattern to help with grip on the bottoms of the shoe. When it comes to laces, there aren’t any. The Pros have a single strap reaching from one side of the shoe to the other. 

The endurance of the shoe is very nice. The thick rubber as well as the suede material makes a good combination to keep the shoe intact. Because there is so much material, the shoe is a bit heavy. With the amount of cushion on the inside of the shoe, it is difficult to break the shoe in at first. It also might not fit regularly when first trying them on so getting a size up would be more helpful for the fit. When it comes to the strap, it is very helpful with not having to deal with torn shoelaces. Shoelaces are always a big problem in skating with getting them stuck and torn. When removing it completely, it gives the skater one less thing to worry about. The grip on the bottom of the shoe is very effective when stopping and also staying on the board. When taking huge jumps, the cushion on the inside and bottom of the shoe helps to lessen the impact so skaters can stay on the board when landing. 

The Vans Kyle Walker Pro 2 is a great shoe for any type of skating. These shoes work well for skaters who skate street, vert skating, or just park. Most shoes wear down very easily, but the Pros 2 are very durable as well as comfortable.