Lattes in the Library


Photo Courtesy of Kate Spellman

Tina Fredo, Silver Creek’s Librarian Aide, makes a hot chocolate for a student.

Up in the Silver Creek Library, Kristen Holtz, the librarian, and Tina Fredo, Library/Tech Aide, are selling hot drinks for two dollars each. Students are allowed to purchase coffees during school hours since the mask mandates have been lifted. Just remember not to bring any twenties!

The Latte Cart is a hot drink stand that sells Amarettos, Creekside, Chais, Hot Chocolate, Lattes, Sweet and Spicy tea and Herbal teas. Fredo and Holtz make each drink by hand with the hot water they have up in the library. The money made from the drinks go towards many things the library is in need of. All students are also welcomed to go purchase a hot drink and check out a book from the Women’s History Month selection during March.

While some students know they can purchase from the Latte Cart, many students don’t know that it even exists.

“We just started up again after a couple weeks, so right now it’s kind of slow to take off again because for two years we didn’t do it,” Tina Fredo, Silver Creeks Librarian Aide says.

Since the comeback of the Latte Cart, the library has had a slow start back to fundraising for books and other supplies. Occasionally some students come up to get hot drinks, but so far, the numbers are very few.

On top of not many people knowing about the drinks, not many students know about the origin of them. “It started as a fundraiser to make extra money [for the library]. The budgets can [work] strangely and sometimes you need to purchase things outside of what a typical budget would cover, so if you can do a fundraiser it’s a really good idea and the hot coffees sold very well so it’s been something that has been going on a long time,” Kristin Holtz, Silver Creek’s librarian and former English teacher explained.

The cart has been at Silver Creek for a very long time and was started up by Mr. Goerner, the past librarian. “I used to come in everyday and get a coffee when I was a freshman,” Malik Roth, a junior, said. Unfortunately, the Latte Cart had to stop during COVID. With all the regulations and mask mandates, the Latte Cart had to be taken away from the Silver Creek students as cases kept on spreading.

Now, after two years of no library lattes, students are finally able to purchase from the Latte Cart again.

“The mask requirements went away so we sold them after school for a while,” Fredo says. Now with no mask mandates, students can go purchase hot drinks all day!

If students have an extra two dollars in their pocket, they head up to the library and get themselves a drink. The hot drinks will continue up in the Silver Creek Library until further notice, so students should take the opportunity to go and support their library. But remember, don’t bring any twenties, you’ll be turned down.