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Opinion: Why Friday should be a part of the weekend

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Why students and teachers think that Friday should be a part of the weekend

Everyone knows that the school week consists of going to school on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Some states such as Oregon, Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado have the 4 day weeks but some school districts don’t do that . The last day of the work week, Friday, is now a part of the weekend for them.

We should change to be one of those schools because. having Friday be a part of the weekend would give students more time to prepare for the next week, it will increase their energy so when they come back to school the next day they will be more engaged in the learning they have.

This is a topic that has many views on it, with it forcing the other days of the week to have longer school days.

A freshman Wyatt Mills stated, “Yes, I think it would be very beneficial to have the Friday off, even though the longer days allow students to catch up on past work,”.Mills stated., “This would be a very beneficial change for the school district and me because of how I would be able to be more social and work on my off time.”

Mills finds this as a very positive change and is making a smart assumption because of how all students could benefit from this. According to, positive changes could consist of students getting better sleep, improved mental health and attitudes, and overall improved health.

The teachers of the school would get time off of school to get teaching plans and have longer time to do that so it could or could not be good for them.

Kaelyn Vargo, a Language Arts teacher at Silver Creek High School, has different thoughts on this and said, “Having Friday off would be good and bad because of how I could have more family time, but I would lose time to have interaction with the students.”

Hinting at good points, she makes another good statement, “As a teacher, having this time off would allow me to get grading done and again more family time to feel more balanced,.” Vargo said., “As a teacher, my job will not be the same because I can’t see the students as many units will be shorter and less in-depth so students get a worse learning experience.” Vargo had some good and some different points of view on the topic.

The students are the people who feel most strongly about this subject, as it allows them to have a day off and have more free time.

Jackson Coleman, a junior at Silver Creek, thinks we’ll share his ideas about the weekend, “ Yes, I think that it should be a part of the weekend because it gives students a mental health break,” he says., “I would use my weekend to catch up on homework and to prepare myself for the next week at school”.

Coleman makes some good points and explains why the weekend would be a whole lot better if it was longer. “Even if it was longer school days I would get another day off to see my friends and hang out with them”.

Along with this, states that 13% of students are engaged without a physical break to release stress from their mind, and that the sleep students and teachers get are improved by 40% and allows them to recharge for the upcoming week.

The students and teachers would really enjoy having a larger weekend from Friday becoming a part of it.

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