Importance Of Screen Time Awareness


Photo courtesy of Charlie Tellier

Student Charlie Tellier looks at a computer screen in a dark room doing homework.

Teenagers’s biggest addiction is the impetus that keeps them from sleeping, communicating with others, and makes life stressful. The object that hurts teens is oddly the biggest craving they have.

A student at Silver Creek High School named Shenandoah Waugh is the founder of their Capstone project: Screen Time. They have worked all year doing meetings, promoting around the school, and a bunch of other things to draw attention to screen time awareness. The club that they have, hosts meetings in the library and tries to make the area a safe space for anyone wanting to come. Shenandoah is aiming to spread awareness about screen time.

“I don’t expect people to change their habits but I want them to think about it more,” Shenandoah, the leader of the screen time awareness project, said.

When the capstone group meets, they talk about how to make their program better. They also talk about how to expand so more people find out about it. The reason this is so important is because it’s the only way for Shenandoah and her group to achieve this goal of informing teens about this matter. They say many times that they don’t expect to change the teenagers’ minds. The motivation and goal for this project is to inform, educate and spread awareness to the topic.

“People just have their phones and they don’t really think about using them,” Shenandoah said.

There are many clubs at Silver Creek that a majority of seniors do for projects. By having so many clubs and other events that can be accessed, it makes it difficult to put your idea out there and have people be interested in joining. They promote these meetings by putting it on their website, inviting their friends and mentioning it to people in normal conversation.

When Shenandoah first founded the project they were thinking about how unhealthy and what a time waster screens are. They had the intent of helping people when it comes to screens. They explain how people don’t think about picking up their phones then just waste their life away on it. They also explain how being aware of your screen time can make a big difference in your mindset and usage of screens. Their project was intended to inform, help and spread awareness to screen time for teenagers.