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The College Fair: FAFSA, Types of Colleges, Student Options

Alexa Szymczak
Students and their families waiting to speak with College representatives at the Silver Creek College Fair.

Do you know what you want to do with your future? This is the question juniors and seniors should ask themselves near the end of their high school career. Regardless of whether or not you are planning to go to College, you must consider all of your options, and one of the best ways to do this is by visiting the college fair.
The college fair occurred on October 12. In total, Thirty-five colleges visited Silver Creek High School. 17 of these 35 schools are located in Colorado, while the remaining 18 schools are located across the West Coast, outside of Colorado. Many parents and students showed up to participate, spanning all grades and backgrounds; however, most of these students still need some clarification on their college options and chances of acceptance.
Many Juniors have started thinking about their college options a week or two ago when they first learned about the fair. A junior, who asked to remain anonymous, stated, “I’m really scared to go to college, like I don’t know what I want my major to be or what I’m able to afford.” In order to address these concerns students need to start researching colleges to see what programs classes and institutions are available best suit them.
It’s important to research what classes, clubs, activities, and programs these universities offer. It’s essential to choose a college that fits your likes and interests to ensure that you are receiving the most productive education possible.
Since Covid, colleges have become more realistic in their requirements, taking a holistic approach to a student’s application. ACT and SAT scores are no longer required for the majority of colleges. Colleges put less of an emphasis on your GPA and more on your achievements, clubs, and volunteer work. In terms of financial aid, you must fill out a FAFSA application. A Free Application for Federal Student Aid covers Financial expenses such as tuition, food, transportation, and board, depending on the student’s situation.
Thankfully, the college fair was able to give these students some insight into what options they have and what College is like. The vast majority of the colleges in attendance were community colleges. A community college will have acceptance rates that are much higher than private universities and that they are typically more cost-effective.
For example, the University of Pueblo has an average in-state tuition of $9,005 and an acceptance rate of 99. 2%. Compared to The University of Denver, a private university, which has a tuition of $58,032 and an acceptance rate of 63.6%.
Different universities also have other specialties; Colorado School of Mines is a research school. If a student has taken more science-based classes and activities throughout their high school career, they would have a better chance of being accepted,in comparison to a performing arts school.
Different schools have varying programs and activities. The University of Northern Colorado‘s ideals are heavily rooted in community and socialization. The school prioritizes support and social integration in peer relationships, their representative states that, “Students support each other in the classroom while also going to the football games, attending homecoming, and going to the theater performances, to cheer other UNC students on.” For example the UNC even dedicated an entire day to one of their students who had won the wrestling national championship.
The University of Pueblo also supports student relationships, but in a more specific way; their representative stated, “We are an HSI, a Hispanic servicing Institute. 50% of our students come from diverse backgrounds, so we have multiple heritage-related events. We have the Latin X club and events National Hispanic Heritage Month, including cultural dance seminars and discovery days.”
There will be college visits hosted in the IMC that you can sign up for via the Naviance app on your iPad. It’s good to weigh your options and get a feel of what you want for your future, how to improve your stats, where you want to go to school, and what best fits your financial situation.
Don’t hesitate to reach out to your counselor if you need more college advising. Regardless of your background or situation, College is still possible if you apply yourself.

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