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A Brand New City-Building Game – Cities: Skylines II

Keralis: C:SII Playthrough Ep:9
Keralis’ City after hours of work and many many episodes of his play through!

“Cities: Skylines II” is a highly anticipated game where you can express your thought process on designing a city. Made by Colossal Order and released on the 24 of October , the game allows you to build cities but also interact with the citizens by building things such as public transportation, train lines, and pedestrian roads that liven up the game!

Helping civilians can easily become a hobby. Going through the game, you can find yourself getting prouder and prouder for something as simple as building pedestrian roads. Buildings can also be made that will help civilians in the long run. These range from hospitals to railways.

One of the challenges players face in the game is traffic management. However, Cities: Skylines II addressed this issue perfectly. The developers integrated new modes of transportation including Monorails and cable cars. Another feature that was added was the addition of traffic lights and roundabouts. Not only does this help with the flow, but it also makes your city more alive!

Keralis, normally a Minecraft YouTuber, started a playthrough and named his city Keralisville. Not only does he mention his bendy roads, but he also talks about his beautiful neighborhoods and things that remind him of his hometown. Keralis brings relaxation to his playthrough with his smooth voice, small moments showing his city, and interaction with his audience.

“Cities: Skylines II is a sequel that often feels like it took more steps back than forward,” Leana Hafer, a reviewer for the YouTube channel IGN posted his review of the game. “… It also asks for you to do a lot of busy work if you don’t want the end product to look horrendous on close inspection.

Hafer points out how the game seems to grapple with a delicate balance, sometimes taking steps back while attempting to push the boundaries of the city-building experience.

Players also face the challenge of the game’s dynamic environment system. Players must quickly adapt to changing weather conditions, natural disasters, and other unpredictable events. This dynamic also adds the element of realism and challenges, forcing players to prepare and consider resilience.

“Cities: Skylines II” sets a new standard in the city-building genre with its remarkable graphics, dynamic playthroughs, and optimization. All three of these things together collectively add to the game to make it a genuine, stunning experience.

With this game only coming out a few weeks ago, be sure to expect more and more updates to it!

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