How The COVID Vaccine is Effecting People


Photo Courtesy of Maddie Sales

A vaccine poster encourages all to get the COVID 19 vaccine.

The COVID 19 vaccines are something many people have been considering, but people wonder, how has it been affecting others. The vaccine came out in early December, 2020 where the first dose of immunizations started being administered. Over time, a lot of research has been in the works to find out more about the vaccine by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)) More age information along with the age recommendation becoming younger for the vaccine. There are two rounds of the vaccine and a third that is recommended. There is a second dose along with the booster which has been recently approved for ages 12 and older to help younger children stay protected.

Now that the vaccine has been approved for children ages five and older, there are many concerns for students in school and what will happen for their future. Recently, many students have gotten the vaccine and in St. Vrain Valley School District (SVVSD), they recently lifted the mask mandate for schools across the district. This is causing worries and concerns for some but to others, it’s a relief. Masks have been required ever since coming back from being online last year (2021) and many students have gotten tired of wearing them.

The vaccine is now out for all students and the question people have is how is this affecting students and teachers around the school and others?

“I think a lot of people are vaccinated and if you’re not going to be wearing your mask you should be vaccinated and still be aware of your surroundings and just stay clean and healthy, and stay home if you’re sick.” says Ariadna Mier, a sophomore at Silver Creek High School.

Mier does believe that the vaccine should be required in schools for students and teachers, “just how they require other shots so why not.” Mier is excited for the vaccine to be around and in this new step in feeling a little more normal.

While Mier shows excitement for a lot of the community and this new step, there is still plenty of worries for others and even for the people who are excited.

“I feel pretty positive about [the vaccine/mask mandate] but I still have worries. Honestly I feel a mixture about it all because I think this whole COVID thing will start again. Like it hasn’t gone away, it’s still existing and I think because of the mask mandate it’ll become worse again. It’s also pretty scary to see everyone around me taking off their masks and not knowing if they are vaccinated or not.” Maia Smolnick, a freshman at Silver Creek High School, shares some of her worries about school and the vaccine.

This seems to be the main worry with the mask mandate lifting, but people are just trying to live their lives and try to feel a little better about the situation the world has been in over the past two years. A lot of relief has definitely happened over the time thankfully due to the vaccine.

Students and others make a responsible decision to keep everyone safe and to move forward in this step of life. Choosing what’s best for you is always a great choice and keeping yourself and others safe.