Smile Review: An Adrenaline Rushing New Film


Photo Courtesy of Bailey Lambert

The horror film “Smile,” is only in theaters as of November 10th 2022. But the film is set to air on the 18th on television. This will make the film available for many more interested, and horror film lovers.

A psychological film based on therapist going through the most disturbing experiences of her life which she believes are supernatural.

Smile Directed by Parker Finn | Horror |1 hr 55m | TRIGGER WARNING: This review deals with topic of suicide

Smile, Parker Finn’s adrenaline rushing horror film released into theaters on September 30, 2022, leaving many frightened. The film begins with Rose Cotter (Susie Bacon), a therapist meeting with her patient that appears to be explaining schizophrenic symptoms, at least that’s what Cotter thought. Cotter witnesses her paitent committing a disturbing suicide right before her eyes. Cotter first believes she is traumatized by this experience but she soon discovers that her patient’s symptoms have passed onto her.

Although Smile contains mature, and disturbing content, the horror film is intriguing to many horror movie fans. The 2022 film is based on the idea of supernatural happenings. Supernatural happenings is a commonly used convention in horror films. Audiences enjoy the mystery that these films offer them. Curses are also a commonly used convention in horror films due to fear curses put onto the audience. Smile uses supernatural happenings, and the idea of a curse by Cotter witnessing a disturbing supernatural event then having a curse brought onto her.

The curse brought onto Cotter begins to affect her personal life including her relationship with her husband, sister, her work life, and her mental state. Cotter is experiencing visuals of people with the most disturbing smile, just like her former patient explained. Cotter is frustrated with nobody believing the curse she is now dealing with. Cotter’s family, husband, and therapist believe she is just mentally unwell. Therefore, Cotter seeks to find out what is truly happening to her by herself. Cotter reaches out to some unexpected characters in hope to stop the curse. Throughout Cotter’s journey, she finds out chilling details, and clues on what she is experiencing.

Finn does an excellent job on displaying Cotter’s emotions, and psychological state throughout the film. Cotter’s psychological state significantly worsens the longer she deals with the curse. Finn displays Cotter’s psychological state while showing the raw emotions she’s experiencing. Cotter is shown screaming, crying, and being determined to beat the curse.

Smile offers an adrenaline rush to its audience. This is due to the horrific jump scares, sound, and not knowing what’s going to happen next. Throughout the movie there are many jump scares of Cotters hallucinations. The film offers adrenaline rushes through sound by the lack of sound before a jump scare.

The film’s plot itself is psychologically twisted, and leaves the audience fearful, and pondering what they just watched. Although horror films frighten many, people still watch them for an adrenaline rush. Horror films are more likely to be successful if they contain conventions society tends to watch more. Society enjoys adrenaline rushing films which is certainly what Smile is. If you’re a horror film fan, and interested in the psychological twist Smile offers, then this is definitely a movie to watch.