‘The Batman’ Review: An Unexpected Change


Photo Courtesy of Creative Commons

‘The Batman’ a new version of DC Comics ‘Batman’ is released on March 4th, 2022 and many have different opinions.

The Batman | Directed by Matt Reeves | Action, Drama, Mystery, Superhero, Adventure, Crime | PG-13 | 2h 56m

This new take on Batman is an unexpected hit but doesn’t quite meet the standards of DC comics Superhero movies.

The Batman, DC Comics (DC) newest film, is a gruesome and different take on DC’s Batman. Bruce Wayne, also known as Batman (played by Robert Pattinson) notices an uprise in crime and is determined to figure out who is behind it. He gains many partners such as Catwoman (played by Zoë Kravitz) who helps him investigate and fight criminals. He has many new and improved technologies that help him throughout his newest mission.
The Batman, directed by Matt Reeves– who is also known for directing War for the Planet of the Apes, hopes to be more faithful to DC Comics’s Batman. Reeves accomplishes this through the movie’s cinematography by making the setting more gothic. Past batman movies have been dark and gothic as well, but this batman took it to another level. Reeves did this by making batman skinner with dark makeup, instead of the classic bulky Batman people are used to..
Reeves fulfilled his goal to make a different Batman movie in part through astonishing cinematography. The cinematographers did a stunning job capturing a gothic, dark mood while using other colors like red to brighten up the picture. The film crew were also fantastic at utilizing the camera and scenes by using different angles and lighting on the characters in the movie. By utilizing the camera and scenes they were able to capture deeper emotions in the weather and facial expressions that were displayed. This created more connections between the viewer and the movie.
Another aspect done well was how the film crew planned out the movie so that it was easier to follow. Unfortunately, there were some unnecessary scenes that made the movie too long. They included scenes that displayed Batman traveling which didn’t contribute to the movie. These unnecessary scenes made the movie lack excitement.
The Batman portrayed in this film was much more gothic and slender, accomplishing what the director was aiming for. But it was strange to see Batman with such gothic and dark details especially without the bulkiness DC’s community is used to. The movie producers also gave us Batman more than they did Bruce Wayne. By doing this the movie is more serious and less empathetic.
Overall, this movie portrayed amazing cinematography, but was redundantly long, creating disinterest at times. The less empathetic Batman that was portrayed also caught many off guard creating lothe for this new Batman.