What have been your favorite and least favorite stories from being on the job?

Officer Douglas, Editor

Officer Douglas:

  • Favorite: My favorite thing on this job has been when someone finds me well after I had contact with them and tells me how much my interaction with them changed their life. It is totally satisfying to know that I made a difference. I even had one woman who I arrested three separate times tell me that I saved her life with those arrests. She said she would not have turned her life around without me interrupting it at the time.
  • Least Favorite: We walk in on people’s worst day. We deal with a lot of death. Most of the death makes sense when people are very elderly or very sick but I have had to listen to a mom wail while holding her deceased 4-month old perfect looking baby. I have had to do CPR on a 7-year-old that did not make it while her dad watched. Law Enforcement sees what no human should have to see and that makes for some pretty dark days.